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Sunday, 20 March 2005

Weekends...time to sleep again

Happy Birthday to the girl sitting next to me, Wen Ying! =)
Wen Ying turns 18 today! Happy birthday to ya! =) Well, Wen Ying is this girl who sits next to me during Math. Pat once said she has the potential to be Ms Taylor's, and i'm sure all those guys waiting in line for her will agree hehe. Anyway, Wen Ying's a really sweet girl (hey don't get any ideas...) and it's nice to have her around...she got lots to say sometimes haha (especially with Anne around...then she won't stop talking haha). Well, as my usual quiet self, i don't talk much to her. Not that i don't want to, juz that's it's me ;). And please, for the millionth time, don't try to ask me to go after her haha. She deserves someone better ;P. Anyway, here's wishing one of the 'near-extinct' in our class a very happy birthday! Wish you all the best in A2...and before i forget, congrats on all the offers you got before you even finish A-Levels. It's great knowing you =)

Another failed plan...futsal this time
Since last week, we (especially Yih Seong) have been looking forward to this weekend coz we have a futsal game against YS's cousin, Soon Liang's team. We were supposed to have the game last night but sadly, after all the enthusiasm and Yih Seong's effort to make everything right, it all fell apart =(. We couldn't get a futsal court at first, and when Paul managed to book one, some of the other team already went home. Couldn't blame them for leaving though, coz they have came all the way to Subang only to find out we don't have a place to play. Ah well, there's always next time...and don't get upset with Hoi because of this, Yih Seong. He didn't want this to happen either...

I broke my abstinence...sigh
Yeah, i gave in too in the end. The temptation was juz too great haha. But i can give an excuse for my failure to keep away from DotA =P. Shan was here yesterday (for futsal, but it's cancelled) and wanted to go play DotA, but they lack players (i refused again..). Then he came over to our place again this morning, saying he's damn bored at home O.o. So i didn't want to 'disappoint' him again hehe. Called Tiong along coz Paul was asleep, and we played 2 games. Apparently, this was not enough for my other apartmentmates haha. At night, they went again, this time with Paul and Yong Chen (he juz came back from IMU). But i didn't join...coz i have other things to do. Sorry Paul, but i was really busy =/...i'll go next time k? Heard Tiong's performance was crazy...even got triple kill with Chaos Knight haha. And to think he's one of the 'worst' players in PM3 O.o

-7.33pm, 24 March 2005-

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