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Thursday, 24 February 2005


To the first and only Prime Minister of 121D...HAPPY BIRTHDAY =)
First and foremost, i gotta dedicate this small space to our 'involuntarily-appointed' Prime Minister of 121D! (duty calls for it...not that i really want to waste space here haha =P). Happy Birthday Yih Seong! =) A nice guy he is, always there to help whenever and wherever need be. Kind of like a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week helpline ^^. If you can stand the cock that comes with it of course haha =P. Kidding ya? I know how good a friend you are, and since we'll most probably be spending another 3 years or so together (haha..coz maybe we'll go IMU together la! Dun think corrupted thoughts here k), i guess i'll need a friend like you to brave thru life for the next few years ;). Have a happy birthday and wish you get nothing but the best results for A2 =)

Birthday dinner at Kim Gary's =)
To celebrate Yih Seong's birthday, we used up so much of our brain power to think of some place to eat. The problem's far worse this time without Afree around haha though we always kutuk his choice of restaurant each and every time =P. After rejecting TGI Friday's coz Anne said it was damn expensive, we settled on our usual and trusted restaurant, Kim Gary's at Sunway Pyramid. Chow, Anne, Hoi and Shan came over to out place before going there in Hoi's, Chow's and Shan's cars. Me took Hoi's car along with Anne, Pat and Jem and we'll be in charge of getting the cake.

Dinner at Kim Gary's was...a little chaotic haha. Shan being his ever fussy self couldn't make up his mind on what food to order and ended up getting Anne's suggestion (he didn't like the food a lot haha) and ordering "156", some blue mountain shit haha. And somewhere through dinner, Anne literally burst out laughing...with a mouthfull of rice O.o haha. Shan was the poor target (he's opposite Anne), and somehow (looks like revenge to me haha) he tipped over his 'blue mountain' shit which knocked his bowl of rice, nearly pouring over Anne haha. Can't believe i sat with them all this while lol =P

Before dinner, we bought a Banana Choc Cake at Secret Recipe. I ate the cake before some time this year back in Senai when me bro suddenly had a craving for that particular cake. It was rather ok...but me bro said it's one of the best cake there hehe. Well, if not for the banana i would love it too ;). Turns out Denise, Chow and Paul had the same taste as me - all of them don't like banana haha. Never knew anyone else hated banana. Juz when the coincidence's about to stop there, Banana Choc Cake is Yih Seong's favourite cake! Well, if Yih Seong likes that cake, we don't like it...we LOVE it ;) Oh btw sorry for the half-dead birthday song we sang know we are malu-malu ppl lol..

DotA matches after dinner
After dinner finished at round 10pm we went back to My Place, where Yih Seong got his customary 3-4. Then downstairs of our apartment, we gave a 3-4 to Shan lol. At first it was 'disguised' as Yih Seong's second 3-4, but then we changed target at the last moment haha. Should have captured the look on Shan's face when we turned on him lol.

Anyway after Anne and Shan went back, the rest of us went for 2 DotA matches to 'commemorate' Yih Seong's birthday =P. First game was -ar, with me, Ashok, Chow and Paul sweeping thru haha =P. Then Jem wanted a -pick game and Sentinel as their side. That's a really big handicap we got O.o. But we juz agreed and play along anyway..and inevitably we lost ^^". But it was fun while it lasted...

PS - Paul got really angry today...never seen him so pissed off before. But since he didn't want other people to know, we'll juz treat it as it never happened k?

PS PS - Btw here are the pics captured on Anne's camera, courtesy of Anne herself =)

Yih Seong's cake!

One end of the table..(Paul, Chow, Jem, Hoi, me!)
(notice how much Chow enjoys his cake lol) side of the table..(Leong, Yong Chen, Shan, Ashok)

..and the other side (Pat, Anne, Yih Seong, Denise)

-7.12pm, 1 March 2005-

Wednesday, 23 February 2005

A really really packed day...

Two tests this week ^^"
Had two tests in a row this week...Bio yesterday and Phy today. Somehow, the Bio paper turned out to be the easier one ^^". Unlike Bio, i couldn't understand more than half what Mr Chan's teaching lately...all those stuff bout electromagnetic shit. Or maybe it's juz me not paying enough attention hehe =P. But seriously, everyone agrees he's really bad at teaching. Not that i'm targetting him or anything...he really is so sux lol =P. Sigh...right now i resorted to reading thru my bro's notes instead ;) (and it's much clearer than Mr Chan's notes...not the handwriting of course haha)

First futsal match in more than a month...
Later today we had a futsal match after nearly a month of inactivity. Everytime we wanna play it's either not free or no one to play with. Well, thankfully Paul managed to find some opponents for our team to play against, though i hardly knew any of them at all hehe. In fact, there's enough people present to make 4 teams so we split into two courts. Me and Yong Chen ended up playing the relatively 'slower-paced' game. Yong Chen managed to add another goal to his tally while me still playing defensively as usual. Well, i guess i'm not really good at the front (one of my teammates asked me to stay back instead ^^") but i'm happy being back anyway. Goal-scoring juz ain't for me so don't ask me to shoot, k? =P

FREE CC!! LONG LIVE YIH SEONG! (so that we can get more free cc haha =P)
Yih Seong had planned this rather long ago...instead of the usual blanja dinner for birthday (his is tomorrow), he's gonna blanja us cc! =) He juz know how to make us happy haha =P. Anyway, we went after dinner right away, partly because there's college tomorrow and partly because they juz couldn't wait. Initially we wanted to get Paul to go along but he had some kind of 'match' in another cc. So we got Hoi to play instead coz it's getting kinda late to wait for Paul (well, sorry for that ya).

Played from 10pm+ to past 1am...even though we only finished two games hehe. First game was really tiring to say the least, it lasted so long i swear we gonna fall asleep right there hehe. But at least Yih Seong enjoyed it...that's all the matters right? =P Paul joined us for the second game and we got 'tapau-ed' in less than an hour being handicapped 5 to 4. Tried me best to make things last...but there's nothing much we could do sigh...

-5.25pm, 28 February 2005-

Monday, 14 February 2005

Valentine's Day..

The day Cupid gets busy ;)
Here comes the day couples all over the world have been waiting for...and us singles dread being spotted alone outside haha. It's Valentine's Day today, and for me it's juz another day...well sort of hehe. I've never celebrate Valentine's before...but well, that's because i've never had a girlfriend before (regardless of what the others say =P). Today happened to be the start of college after Chinese New Year holidays too =(. But let's not spoil the mood ya...

Since this is Valentine's Day, i shall post something bout me love life (more like lack of...but oh well, being single isn't all that dreadful aint it =P). Frankly, besides those immature crushes (hey admit it, all of you have it before haha), i've never fallen in love with anyone...yet. Not that i'm against getting partners early or anything...juz that love is a thing that shouldn't be rushed right? So i shall wait faithfully till the girl of my dreams pass me by ;)

Talking bout love...i wonder what people see love as. I can still remember some time ago in Form 4, a girl juz start getting 'friendly' with me (i still shivers when i think of that haha). Actually, i know it's exaggerated =P but she does seem to be the 'initiative' one. I first met her in Form 2 (i think) in tuition, but then we don't really get to know each other. Then (fate do play a strange part in our lives) we happened to be taking the same bus to school. Frankly, i don't recognize her at the start...but she juz came up to me and said she seen me before. It's kinda tough you know, me trying to act like i also seen her before haha. But still we started chatting and stuff, though most of the time i was asleep when she came aboard the bus =P. Haha i juz couldn't help it, k...

Anyway, after a few weeks she started asking those questions like "Do you have a girlfriend before?", "What kind of girl do you like?", "Long hair or short hair looks better?" and showing me those chinese celebrity magazines (which i couldn't make out a single sentence from it hehe) and ask me which girls are pretty in my opinion. Which kinda taken me by surprise ^^". We barely knew each other and here she is, asking bout those stuff. Of course, from the time i've known her i've never shown any interest in her (besides being friends). Not that she's bad-looking or anything...juz that she ain't my type =P. Maybe i'm being too sensitive but hey, if someone started asking those stuff, you gotta be wary right? Better to stop it right there before she gets heart-broken haha =P

Then a month or so before SPM, i don't see her anymore. Don't know if i treated her too coldly the last few weeks ^^". If i had, i surely would apologize...but sadly i don't have her contact number (but she had mine...*shivers* haha =P). Oh well, enough bout this girl...i'll better stop here =P. Btw Wy Keat even suggested he keeps a lookout in IMU for 'potential targets' for me...hey, i don't look THAT desperate do i? Haha...i'm single and lovin' every second of it =P
*Some details are omitted to protect the privacy of the people involved =P*

PS - From today onwards, it'll be 35 days without DotA for Paul. Not sure what that promise is about...something bout sacrificing DotA for Lent haha. Well, let's see how long he'll last =P

-7.19pm, 28 February 2005-

Sunday, 13 February 2005

A not very memorable Chinese New Year...

The days i spent in Klang wasn't very memorable, to say the least. It's the same old stuff we do every year...wish happy chinese new year, get ang pow, then all the money will become our gambling bets =P. Normally, the whole family will play blackjack but this year, mah jong seems to be the craze among my cousins. I don't know how to play mah jong, but then i was never into gambling anyway, even juz for the fun of it. Guess it wasn't in my genes to gamble hehe.

Ironically, the only different thing we did this chinese new year was to visit a temple near my second aunt's house yesterday. Not to pray or anything, more like juz looking around. It was kinda spontaneous, us congregating on my aunt's place to finish off every bit of new year cookies (ok, maybe it's juz me eating them =P) then with nothing else to do, my aunt suggested we go check out the temple. I won't think that my family is very religious, but from what my parents said, my second aunt's husband is. Heck, i've only been to the temple less than 10 times in my life as far as i can remember...

Anyway the temple was rather juz popped out there a few years ago. A fascinating thing i noticed is that everything 'sold' there has no price. From books to wallpapers (is that what you call them? haha), you decide how much you want to pay for them. Juz take what you want, then drop any amount of money into some box nearby. Strange business they do there haha =P.

Back in My Place again..
My family sent me back to Subang today before dropping my bro in Bukit Jalil. Everything's the same, juz that there's tonnes and tonnes of new year cookies we brought up from our homes. At least now we had something to chomp on when we got hungry or juz had nothing better to do ^^. Everyone came home by night, Jem being the latest to reach.

PS - Juz a few hours after we reached home, Paul came up with Tiong and literally stole Jem's tv right under our noses haha. Apparently their tv got sent home together with Alvin...

-5.56pm, 24 February 2005-

Wednesday, 9 February 2005

Happy Chinese New Year!

(i guess this comes a bit too late but still...)

Happy (belated =P) Chinese New Year!
Juz a short note here wishing everyone out there a happy and prosperous new year! =) May all of you get lots of ang pows so that you can go play DotA even more haha =P.

Been spending the few days i have back in JB mostly sleeping and playing PS2 and computer ^^. Nothing much to do besides that anyway...

This year, my family decided to go my mom's hometown early which is today, the first day of chinese new year. I'd love to spend more time back home but this holidays kinda short. Only a week for us to 'pai nian' and enjoy ourselves...sigh. But we can do nothing bout it anyway so might as well enjoy myself while i can..

Frankly, i'm not very much into the festive mood these past few days. Not to say that i'm not happy...but i don't really look forward to going up to Klang so early. First of all, i don't get to finish Nexus or even finish a season in Football Manager...though my bro will bring the PS2 along (but i doubt i'll even touch it). Then i don't get to visit friends' home or juz chill out with them =(. Sigh...maybe it's juz me feeling jaded being away from home for so long...and now i'm leaving home again. Miss those years when going up to Klang felt 'enjoyable' we used to get excited over visiting relatives there. Now i have this feeling inside that i rather spend the whole holidays at home...

But time is a luxury we can't afford, and we have to go to Klang according to my parents' plans. Oh well...enjoy myself while i can, that's what i tell myself...

-5.19pm, 24 February 2005-

Friday, 4 February 2005

Back home for the new year...

The last week of college before our Chinese New Year holidays was rather uneventful...nothing much happened the past few days. The past few days it's lunch at Uncle Seng's (Pat's fav restaurant...his only answer if you ask him where to go for lunch. Heck, he even pull us there a few times a week haha) and sometimes there'll be DotA after college. Not a very interesting routine, but we'll juz have to live with it hehe =/

Going home...
After our lunch, we went straight home to pack up our stuff. Afree and Wykeen wanted to play DotA one last time before the holidays (apparently Afree had DotA training haha). Too bad we couldn't oblige to their request coz we have a bus to catch ;). Me, Pat, Leong and YS left My Place at 5pm but we got there a little too early (we were worried there might be a jam and miss our bus ride home). For our paranoia, we got one full hour at the KFC at Pudu with absolutely nothing to do haha. Still, it's better to be safe than sorry, right?

Bus left at 7.20pm, and i reached home by 11pm. Went out with family to have dinner (it's supper for them) at a nearby mamak restaurant. Have to say, Subang's mamaks are still the best haha...but still, it feels great to be home =). No need to worry bout food or money for the next week hehe...

-7.25pm, 18 February 2005-