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Friday, 4 February 2005

Back home for the new year...

The last week of college before our Chinese New Year holidays was rather uneventful...nothing much happened the past few days. The past few days it's lunch at Uncle Seng's (Pat's fav restaurant...his only answer if you ask him where to go for lunch. Heck, he even pull us there a few times a week haha) and sometimes there'll be DotA after college. Not a very interesting routine, but we'll juz have to live with it hehe =/

Going home...
After our lunch, we went straight home to pack up our stuff. Afree and Wykeen wanted to play DotA one last time before the holidays (apparently Afree had DotA training haha). Too bad we couldn't oblige to their request coz we have a bus to catch ;). Me, Pat, Leong and YS left My Place at 5pm but we got there a little too early (we were worried there might be a jam and miss our bus ride home). For our paranoia, we got one full hour at the KFC at Pudu with absolutely nothing to do haha. Still, it's better to be safe than sorry, right?

Bus left at 7.20pm, and i reached home by 11pm. Went out with family to have dinner (it's supper for them) at a nearby mamak restaurant. Have to say, Subang's mamaks are still the best haha...but still, it feels great to be home =). No need to worry bout food or money for the next week hehe...

-7.25pm, 18 February 2005-

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