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Wednesday, 23 February 2005

A really really packed day...

Two tests this week ^^"
Had two tests in a row this week...Bio yesterday and Phy today. Somehow, the Bio paper turned out to be the easier one ^^". Unlike Bio, i couldn't understand more than half what Mr Chan's teaching lately...all those stuff bout electromagnetic shit. Or maybe it's juz me not paying enough attention hehe =P. But seriously, everyone agrees he's really bad at teaching. Not that i'm targetting him or anything...he really is so sux lol =P. Sigh...right now i resorted to reading thru my bro's notes instead ;) (and it's much clearer than Mr Chan's notes...not the handwriting of course haha)

First futsal match in more than a month...
Later today we had a futsal match after nearly a month of inactivity. Everytime we wanna play it's either not free or no one to play with. Well, thankfully Paul managed to find some opponents for our team to play against, though i hardly knew any of them at all hehe. In fact, there's enough people present to make 4 teams so we split into two courts. Me and Yong Chen ended up playing the relatively 'slower-paced' game. Yong Chen managed to add another goal to his tally while me still playing defensively as usual. Well, i guess i'm not really good at the front (one of my teammates asked me to stay back instead ^^") but i'm happy being back anyway. Goal-scoring juz ain't for me so don't ask me to shoot, k? =P

FREE CC!! LONG LIVE YIH SEONG! (so that we can get more free cc haha =P)
Yih Seong had planned this rather long ago...instead of the usual blanja dinner for birthday (his is tomorrow), he's gonna blanja us cc! =) He juz know how to make us happy haha =P. Anyway, we went after dinner right away, partly because there's college tomorrow and partly because they juz couldn't wait. Initially we wanted to get Paul to go along but he had some kind of 'match' in another cc. So we got Hoi to play instead coz it's getting kinda late to wait for Paul (well, sorry for that ya).

Played from 10pm+ to past 1am...even though we only finished two games hehe. First game was really tiring to say the least, it lasted so long i swear we gonna fall asleep right there hehe. But at least Yih Seong enjoyed it...that's all the matters right? =P Paul joined us for the second game and we got 'tapau-ed' in less than an hour being handicapped 5 to 4. Tried me best to make things last...but there's nothing much we could do sigh...

-5.25pm, 28 February 2005-

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