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Thursday, 24 February 2005


To the first and only Prime Minister of 121D...HAPPY BIRTHDAY =)
First and foremost, i gotta dedicate this small space to our 'involuntarily-appointed' Prime Minister of 121D! (duty calls for it...not that i really want to waste space here haha =P). Happy Birthday Yih Seong! =) A nice guy he is, always there to help whenever and wherever need be. Kind of like a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week helpline ^^. If you can stand the cock that comes with it of course haha =P. Kidding ya? I know how good a friend you are, and since we'll most probably be spending another 3 years or so together (haha..coz maybe we'll go IMU together la! Dun think corrupted thoughts here k), i guess i'll need a friend like you to brave thru life for the next few years ;). Have a happy birthday and wish you get nothing but the best results for A2 =)

Birthday dinner at Kim Gary's =)
To celebrate Yih Seong's birthday, we used up so much of our brain power to think of some place to eat. The problem's far worse this time without Afree around haha though we always kutuk his choice of restaurant each and every time =P. After rejecting TGI Friday's coz Anne said it was damn expensive, we settled on our usual and trusted restaurant, Kim Gary's at Sunway Pyramid. Chow, Anne, Hoi and Shan came over to out place before going there in Hoi's, Chow's and Shan's cars. Me took Hoi's car along with Anne, Pat and Jem and we'll be in charge of getting the cake.

Dinner at Kim Gary's was...a little chaotic haha. Shan being his ever fussy self couldn't make up his mind on what food to order and ended up getting Anne's suggestion (he didn't like the food a lot haha) and ordering "156", some blue mountain shit haha. And somewhere through dinner, Anne literally burst out laughing...with a mouthfull of rice O.o haha. Shan was the poor target (he's opposite Anne), and somehow (looks like revenge to me haha) he tipped over his 'blue mountain' shit which knocked his bowl of rice, nearly pouring over Anne haha. Can't believe i sat with them all this while lol =P

Before dinner, we bought a Banana Choc Cake at Secret Recipe. I ate the cake before some time this year back in Senai when me bro suddenly had a craving for that particular cake. It was rather ok...but me bro said it's one of the best cake there hehe. Well, if not for the banana i would love it too ;). Turns out Denise, Chow and Paul had the same taste as me - all of them don't like banana haha. Never knew anyone else hated banana. Juz when the coincidence's about to stop there, Banana Choc Cake is Yih Seong's favourite cake! Well, if Yih Seong likes that cake, we don't like it...we LOVE it ;) Oh btw sorry for the half-dead birthday song we sang know we are malu-malu ppl lol..

DotA matches after dinner
After dinner finished at round 10pm we went back to My Place, where Yih Seong got his customary 3-4. Then downstairs of our apartment, we gave a 3-4 to Shan lol. At first it was 'disguised' as Yih Seong's second 3-4, but then we changed target at the last moment haha. Should have captured the look on Shan's face when we turned on him lol.

Anyway after Anne and Shan went back, the rest of us went for 2 DotA matches to 'commemorate' Yih Seong's birthday =P. First game was -ar, with me, Ashok, Chow and Paul sweeping thru haha =P. Then Jem wanted a -pick game and Sentinel as their side. That's a really big handicap we got O.o. But we juz agreed and play along anyway..and inevitably we lost ^^". But it was fun while it lasted...

PS - Paul got really angry today...never seen him so pissed off before. But since he didn't want other people to know, we'll juz treat it as it never happened k?

PS PS - Btw here are the pics captured on Anne's camera, courtesy of Anne herself =)

Yih Seong's cake!

One end of the table..(Paul, Chow, Jem, Hoi, me!)
(notice how much Chow enjoys his cake lol) side of the table..(Leong, Yong Chen, Shan, Ashok)

..and the other side (Pat, Anne, Yih Seong, Denise)

-7.12pm, 1 March 2005-

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