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Monday, 14 February 2005

Valentine's Day..

The day Cupid gets busy ;)
Here comes the day couples all over the world have been waiting for...and us singles dread being spotted alone outside haha. It's Valentine's Day today, and for me it's juz another day...well sort of hehe. I've never celebrate Valentine's before...but well, that's because i've never had a girlfriend before (regardless of what the others say =P). Today happened to be the start of college after Chinese New Year holidays too =(. But let's not spoil the mood ya...

Since this is Valentine's Day, i shall post something bout me love life (more like lack of...but oh well, being single isn't all that dreadful aint it =P). Frankly, besides those immature crushes (hey admit it, all of you have it before haha), i've never fallen in love with anyone...yet. Not that i'm against getting partners early or anything...juz that love is a thing that shouldn't be rushed right? So i shall wait faithfully till the girl of my dreams pass me by ;)

Talking bout love...i wonder what people see love as. I can still remember some time ago in Form 4, a girl juz start getting 'friendly' with me (i still shivers when i think of that haha). Actually, i know it's exaggerated =P but she does seem to be the 'initiative' one. I first met her in Form 2 (i think) in tuition, but then we don't really get to know each other. Then (fate do play a strange part in our lives) we happened to be taking the same bus to school. Frankly, i don't recognize her at the start...but she juz came up to me and said she seen me before. It's kinda tough you know, me trying to act like i also seen her before haha. But still we started chatting and stuff, though most of the time i was asleep when she came aboard the bus =P. Haha i juz couldn't help it, k...

Anyway, after a few weeks she started asking those questions like "Do you have a girlfriend before?", "What kind of girl do you like?", "Long hair or short hair looks better?" and showing me those chinese celebrity magazines (which i couldn't make out a single sentence from it hehe) and ask me which girls are pretty in my opinion. Which kinda taken me by surprise ^^". We barely knew each other and here she is, asking bout those stuff. Of course, from the time i've known her i've never shown any interest in her (besides being friends). Not that she's bad-looking or anything...juz that she ain't my type =P. Maybe i'm being too sensitive but hey, if someone started asking those stuff, you gotta be wary right? Better to stop it right there before she gets heart-broken haha =P

Then a month or so before SPM, i don't see her anymore. Don't know if i treated her too coldly the last few weeks ^^". If i had, i surely would apologize...but sadly i don't have her contact number (but she had mine...*shivers* haha =P). Oh well, enough bout this girl...i'll better stop here =P. Btw Wy Keat even suggested he keeps a lookout in IMU for 'potential targets' for me...hey, i don't look THAT desperate do i? Haha...i'm single and lovin' every second of it =P
*Some details are omitted to protect the privacy of the people involved =P*

PS - From today onwards, it'll be 35 days without DotA for Paul. Not sure what that promise is about...something bout sacrificing DotA for Lent haha. Well, let's see how long he'll last =P

-7.19pm, 28 February 2005-

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