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Wednesday, 9 February 2005

Happy Chinese New Year!

(i guess this comes a bit too late but still...)

Happy (belated =P) Chinese New Year!
Juz a short note here wishing everyone out there a happy and prosperous new year! =) May all of you get lots of ang pows so that you can go play DotA even more haha =P.

Been spending the few days i have back in JB mostly sleeping and playing PS2 and computer ^^. Nothing much to do besides that anyway...

This year, my family decided to go my mom's hometown early which is today, the first day of chinese new year. I'd love to spend more time back home but this holidays kinda short. Only a week for us to 'pai nian' and enjoy ourselves...sigh. But we can do nothing bout it anyway so might as well enjoy myself while i can..

Frankly, i'm not very much into the festive mood these past few days. Not to say that i'm not happy...but i don't really look forward to going up to Klang so early. First of all, i don't get to finish Nexus or even finish a season in Football Manager...though my bro will bring the PS2 along (but i doubt i'll even touch it). Then i don't get to visit friends' home or juz chill out with them =(. Sigh...maybe it's juz me feeling jaded being away from home for so long...and now i'm leaving home again. Miss those years when going up to Klang felt 'enjoyable' we used to get excited over visiting relatives there. Now i have this feeling inside that i rather spend the whole holidays at home...

But time is a luxury we can't afford, and we have to go to Klang according to my parents' plans. Oh well...enjoy myself while i can, that's what i tell myself...

-5.19pm, 24 February 2005-

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