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Sunday, 13 February 2005

A not very memorable Chinese New Year...

The days i spent in Klang wasn't very memorable, to say the least. It's the same old stuff we do every year...wish happy chinese new year, get ang pow, then all the money will become our gambling bets =P. Normally, the whole family will play blackjack but this year, mah jong seems to be the craze among my cousins. I don't know how to play mah jong, but then i was never into gambling anyway, even juz for the fun of it. Guess it wasn't in my genes to gamble hehe.

Ironically, the only different thing we did this chinese new year was to visit a temple near my second aunt's house yesterday. Not to pray or anything, more like juz looking around. It was kinda spontaneous, us congregating on my aunt's place to finish off every bit of new year cookies (ok, maybe it's juz me eating them =P) then with nothing else to do, my aunt suggested we go check out the temple. I won't think that my family is very religious, but from what my parents said, my second aunt's husband is. Heck, i've only been to the temple less than 10 times in my life as far as i can remember...

Anyway the temple was rather juz popped out there a few years ago. A fascinating thing i noticed is that everything 'sold' there has no price. From books to wallpapers (is that what you call them? haha), you decide how much you want to pay for them. Juz take what you want, then drop any amount of money into some box nearby. Strange business they do there haha =P.

Back in My Place again..
My family sent me back to Subang today before dropping my bro in Bukit Jalil. Everything's the same, juz that there's tonnes and tonnes of new year cookies we brought up from our homes. At least now we had something to chomp on when we got hungry or juz had nothing better to do ^^. Everyone came home by night, Jem being the latest to reach.

PS - Juz a few hours after we reached home, Paul came up with Tiong and literally stole Jem's tv right under our noses haha. Apparently their tv got sent home together with Alvin...

-5.56pm, 24 February 2005-

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