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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

if you fry bacon long enough, it tastes like 'bak kwa'
aka I've been spending too much time at home

Holidays officially started 10 days ago, and I've officially been bumming for 10 days. Wait, it was actually much longer than that. My last block in General Medicine (Oncology, Infectious Disease, Neurosurgery, Neurology) was a mess. Agh.. time to buck up, come on.

To say that since the holiday started I've been staying in my room will have been an understatement. I've practically rooted in my room. I eat, sleep in my room (okay, duh where else.. haha). Heck, even the air I'm breathing right now is recycled from myself.

Sleeping 10 hours a day. Waking up at 3pm. Chomping on junk food. Stoning in front of the laptop. Stoning in bed. Stoning in the toilet.

That's just how the holidays should be :P

Plans to do catch-up studies had practically gone down the drain. So did my plans to fill in the dreaded "Record of Clinical Experience" book. And my plans of reading for the next block.

Heh. But it's the holidays. So i'm excused. Ahem.

Anyway felt a little bit wasted to just stay home for the holidays so I made a last minute plan to go Glasgow for some walk-walk-see-see over Christmas before heading to Edinburgh (where we'll then drive up to Aviemore for skiing!). Good thing Yew Wen's able to accommodate my spontaneous trip there haha. That's what friends are for, isn't it? (to provide free accommodation :P)

Just 4 hours before I'm off now. Don't suppose I'll update this blog again till 2009 so here's wishing Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you!

To the lengzhai moose freezing in Canada, don't stay home and breathe recycled air like I did haha.

And to those of you who already went back home to Malaysia over Christmas, I hate you.

Unless you send me food. *hint hint*