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Sunday, 29 October 2006

our own M205 batchblog!

Yes guys and girls, i'm TOO blardy free.

So instead of studying for GI ICA which is a month plus away (damn), or the much dreaded EOS 2 months later (damn damn), i created a blog for our batch. Yes, you guys owe me a dinner. Make that TWO dinner. Blek.

Anyway, it's new so expect to see a LOT of changes - anyone willing to help with the HTML coding for template please PLEASE drop me a msg or sth k? ;)

Meanwhile, bloggers of M205, i need your email address (leave it in the comments, thanks =D) so you can post there. *looking at how dead most of M205's blogs are, i should think everyone's needed =P*

ps - click on the title of this post to go to the blog. The URL's

Thursday, 5 October 2006

"there is no genius in medicine"

How true. If only i can smack that into my head.

I forgot which lecturer i quoted that phrase from. But i do know i shall keep that in mind till i got out of medical school. Maybe till i stopped working as a doctor. Maybe even longer.

Ever since i was small, most people regarded me like i'm some genius or something. I'm not being boastful by saying that, because there really is nothing to boast about me. I'm not being humble by saying that either, because i'm just trying to be pragmatic.

Smart lah. Genius lah. Sky veggie lah. Haha once at tuition the tutor even got the others to refer to me as Superman. Like, what the heck.

I admit i do let all the praises get to my head sometimes. Everyone likes to be praised, to be looked up to anyway. But i also know what i'm good at and what i'm not. I'm good at logic stuff like Maths and Physics. I'm not good at memorising stuff, especially when i never even tried.

Haha. At times i do wonder why am i in medicine when Biology and Chemistry are my weaker subjects. Do i really want to be a doctor? I don't know.. my dream job is one which just requires me to do nothing. Wait, that's everyone's dream job =P.

A, B-, B+, A, A-, A, B.

Sigh. If you see from my results you can see i'm fluctuating. That's because i always ALWAYS lose track of what i should be doing. And lose my motivation to study. Everytime i got an A i get ahead of myself and think i could get pretty good results if i just put in effort for a few days. So i procrastinate and procrastinate, till the week before exams.

Stupid. Where the hell did i get the idea that a med student can just slack and slack, then concentrate for a few days and still get good results.

Yeah i got B for Respi. No, that's not quite good what because it's just a grade away from failing. While everyone else around me are fretting bout not getting an A, me myself felt so relieved just not failing. The weeks during when we had Respi i was at my most unmotivated self. Was sleeping in almost every lecture. Didn't study till the week before exams. And being an OO during M206 orientation and having IMU Cup starting before Respi exams didn't help either.

Ah well. Guess it's not too late to realise this. I better start putting in SOME effort if i wanna survive med school. There is really no genius in medicine, only HARD WORK. This will be the first thing i tell every aspiring medical students out there. Either study your ass off, or don't even dream bout doing medicine.

That said, i have exactly a week to Haemato exams. Geez. Now i'm wishing if only i were a genius in medicine.