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Tuesday, 31 August 2004

Trials - Chemistry Practical
Private Tuition for Li Shan O_o

Yesterday was Hari Merdeka...which juz came and went like any other day. Nothing much happened except all of us studied like hell (well...except Leong and Ashok of course – they didn’t take Bio) for Thursday when we have both Bio and Physics in the same day =(.

Trials - Chemistry Practical
Nothing to say bout it...juz that I almost did the whole experiment wrong before I realised it. You see, I filled the conical flasks with the same solution as the one we are supposed to add to it...thank god I saw my mistake early. If not half of this practical’s marks will be gone for nothing...

Private Tuition for Li Shan...apparently
Btw Li Shan came to our place some time after dinner to ask me something bout physics. Actually she was supposed to come yesterday (I got an early warning from Yih Seong) but somehow she couldn’t make it. Anyway at bout 9.30pm she came into our apartment, sat at our dining table cum conference table cum ping pong table cum Warcraft discussion table and juz studied her notes there. Which is rather fine with me coz at least I got some time to study for Bio papers tomorrow =P. She did ask me a couple of of which I couldn’t figure out. Hope she didn’t mind my poor tuition hehe...

(Rumours - Yih Seong told me it’s Ms Ho who told Li Shan that I’m good in Physics…which explains why she suddenly approach me for tuition...)

PS - Btw I’m NOT going after Li Shan despite what the others say. She’s all yours Paul...or Chow...or Afree...or anyone else she had in mind ;). This whole thing juz seems so messy haha =P. Wouldn't want to get myself involved hehe...

-1.38am, 6 September 2004-

Sunday, 29 August 2004

Trials - Thinking Skills and Pure Math
Mini-Feast in 121D

Trials - Thinking Skills and Pure Math
First paper in the morning was Pure Math paper 1 which was damn hard compared to all our past tests. Got stuck at like half of the questions before I managed to figure them out 5 minutes before time. Managed to finish it though so shouldn’t be a problem...or at least I pray it wouldn’t. After that was paper 6 with all the statistics crap which was rather easy me think =)

Then after our lunch break was Thinking Skills paper 2...where we have to crack our brain evaluating evidence and conclude whether someone is guilty or intentionally colliding with someone else or something like that in question 1. Question 2 was picking out conclusions, assumptions and reasons in a passage. Last question is the worst, where we have to evaluate an argument which I don’t even understand what it’s arguing in the first place =(. Think Mrs. Fam gonna screw us this time...(*shudder*..bad choice of words haha =P)

Mini Feast in 121D
Neway Jem’s parents came up today and brought him out for dinner. Then I lost my other dinner partner Ashok who went to friend’s house with Shan (for Merdeka countdown apparently hehe). Left me to eat dinner alone *sob sob* haha =P. But Jem made up for it by bringing home a barrel of KFC and lots of rambutan (which he whacked every single one of them by the next day haha) for all of us at home =). We even had to call Paul for help to finish those chicken...yea it’s THAT much ;). Thanx jem for the mini feast! =)

-1.17am, 6 September 2004-

Saturday, 28 August 2004

Intensive Warcraft training
Middle Earth 3rd Parliamentary Meeting (when conflicts arise..)

We are dead, i tell you...dead...
We're f*cked. Pardon the harsh language (i must have been hanging around Anne and Pat too much...) but that's what we are right now. Next Monday we got Math and Thinking Skills papers, next Thursday we got Bio and Physics papers and here we are studying Warcraft 3 so intensively ^^". For the last three consecutive days (today included) some of us have been going to cc without fail. I swear if there's gonna be a Warcraft test, we'll be most enthusiastic to study for it hehe =P. Btw let's just say this is our pre-'Massive Warcraft Battle' training. Here's a summary of our cc outings the past three days..

26 August 2004
Today got Chemistry papers so felt very drained...can't even look at anything with words on it anymore. Actually i told Paul there was a probability we may go cc coz there's only me, Yong Chen, Yih Seong and Pat at home with nothing to do (Jem and Ashok went to watch Collateral at Pyramid). But he told me to go at night coz he's playing futsal that evening. Then during our dinner Paul SMSed me asking me if we were really going (i forgot to ask the guys then...). Things lead to things and in the end me, Yih Seong, Jem, Leong, Ashok, Yong Chen, Paul, John and Tiong was fighting in Warcraft (no matter what we tried, Pat just won't go...wonder why). I teamed up with Ashok, Yih Seong and Leong vs the rest (Paul's apartmentmates were supposed to be 'new' to Warcraft). Turned out our team stood no chance at all against them and lost in both battles. Shouldn't have been so confident hehe..

27 August 2004
Paul came in the afternoon to recruit budaks to go cc again (apparently he's very happy bout the new 'mortar team' he found yesterday). Then after lunch, we all decided to have another go at Warcraft. This time it's me, Pat and Yong Chen against Ashok, Jem and Leong. Due to some 'tactical error' claimed by the other team, we won just after the second wave we sent =). Yih Seong didn't come this time (i think Denise had something to do with this haha =P). After the first game, Pat left and Paul took his place. Played a 'hero' kind of game with me, Paul and Yong Chen on one side. I say we do stand a chance against them but their creeps were just too strong =(

28 August 2004
The whole afternoon and evening, Pat and Yih Seong was calling us to go cc (Yih Seong and Leong got so desperate they played Warcraft on paper haha O_o). As a result, all of us couldn't even concentrate on our studies at all. Then when night came and all of us are prepared to go, Pat and Yih Seong back out. After some delaying in trying to get them to go, Yong Chen just got fed up and went home (not 121D...the other one). So in the end it's me, Jem, Ashok and Leong vs Paul, John and Tiong. They played really well i must say, seeing this is just John's fifth(?) time playing Warcraft. Anyway we played for 3 hours till midnight...and i seriously think this is the last time we ever gonna play before Massive Warcraft Battle. But i did enjoyed myself massively the past three days...although guilt sets in right after that hehe =P

Middle Earth 3rd Parliamentary Meeting
The 3rd Parliamentary Meeting was held at 2030 Hour (approx.). There was a reshuffle of the Cabinet as there was some restlessness among the old Cabinet and some positions of Ministers had been changed. The new Cabinet is as follows:-

Prime Minister Wong Yih Seong
Minister of Warcraft Jeremy Gerard Nunis
Minister of Defense Leong Jit Sen
Minister of Foreign Affairs Siaw Chye Hing
-(the PM commented that i got a lot of 'relations')
Minister of Work Ashok Kumar
Minister of Food and Beverage (F&B) Yee Yong Chen
Minister of Culture Patrick Ho
-(apparently he wasn't happy being PM's biatch haha =P)

Apparently, there was a conflict between Yih Seong and Yong Chen during the reshuffle. While changing Pat's post from PM's biatch to the current one, Yong Chen commented that Yih Seong does not need a biatch coz he already got one O_o. Then Yih Seong got really angry and told Yong Chen that there's some thing that just shouldn't be said. After that he just fell silent and ignored Yong Chen. Yong Chen tried to apologize but it seems that Yih Seong is too hurted. So Yong Chen being the person he is just ignore Yih Seong and leave him be since then. Hope things do not escalate any more...

Thursday, 26 August 2004

Trials - Chemistry Paper 1 & 2

Trials - Chemistry Paper 1 & 2
Today was Chemistry papers. Overall, it's a liitle bit hard as i got stuck at a few questions. Couldn't really get to that part of my brain which stores all the Chemistry info i have studied the past 3 days. Sigh...but i don't think i would do badly this time...i hope.

Skipping classes trend starts again...
Well, it seems like every school i went, there'll be this habit of skipping school just before exams (ok, maybe not during primary school..). On Monday, attendance was normal but after that it just dwindle down to 7 yesterday(8 if you count Ashok who came for the first period only...he claimed he was 'sick' haha =P).

Actually, Pat already planned to skip school on Tuesday coz we didn't really do much so near to the exams...just exercises and a bit of Q&A. So on Tuesday morning, everyone except Pat and Yih Seong woke up as usual. However, seeing Pat and Yih Seong lying unconsciously on their beds, Yong Chen, Ashok and Jem decided not to go too. By that time i already bathed so i thought what the heck and just went to college myself. If i stayed at home it won't be very productive anyway.. (later i heard they ended up talking cock and bout Warcraft after Yih Seong joined them haha =P).

Strangely, on Wednesday Jem, Yong Chen and Ashok (for the first period at least..) decided to go to college...though Pat and Yih Seong were still in slumberland. Glad that they did though...our class on Wednesday consisted of me, Yong Chen, Jem, Paul, Chow, Afree, and Wy Keen (Paven, Ashok and Shan came for a while only). In the end we skipped the last two periods of Bio anyway hehe =P (Chow suggested we use the excuse 'we got no class to go').

PS - I put Yih Seong under 'mE FelLoW hAlf-dEaD blOGgIes =P' yesterday which resulted in him feeling insulted bout it haha. At least i got you to blog Yih Seong =P (btw i changed the group you are under it better? haha)

Monday, 23 August 2004

My parents' Visit Day III
The Up and Coming Massive Warcraft Battle

My parent's Visit Day III (the last day...)
Don't feel well neck hurts (i think i strained my neck...must be the damn hard pillow and i can't turn my head at all), my whole body feels weak (since Saturday's Bob Cup..), i got a slight fever this morning, and i'm drifting in and out of consciousness...

Anyway, despite all this, i had promised myself to start studying for the Chemistry this Thursday. You see, i wanted to start on Saturday but my parents decided to come up so in the end i couldn't get any revision done. The whole weekend was taken by my family...but i'm not saying i regret any second of it ;). And so i went according to my plan to study 2 hours in the library and 2 hours back home and managed to finish Chapter 4 by 11.30pm =D. Just as planned...hope i can finish the whole thing before Thursday...

Btw my parents brought me out for lunch again today. Came to pick me up for a late lunch at 4.30pm before going to my bro's place and back to JB. Actually, i'm kind of relieved they went home =P hehe. I got my independence back again =)

The up and coming Massive Warcraft Battle
Some time last week, Yih Seong suggested we hold a Massive Warcraft Battle right after our trials. The 14 players enlisted include me, Yih Seong, Pat, Jem, Yong Chen, Leong, Ashok, Paul, Chow, Afree, Wy Keen, Wen Hoi, Oscar and Zi Yang. We still haven't decided upon the kind of match we are going to battle (currently the suggestion is 3on3 but we still lack 1 player coz Sanmugam back out) so i will inform you all about the details once it has been confirmed. Hehe...the trials haven't even start yet and here we are, planning about the Massive Warcraft Battle =P. Nevertheless, i'm looking forward to it...just like everyone else involved ;)

PS - A Great Battle of Middle Earth is rumoured to be taking place too...Stay tune for more info =)

PS PS - Jem suggested a '121D Vs the rest of the world' match too. This is gonna be a really unfair match coz most of those in our class who 'knows' how to play live in 121D =P

Sunday, 22 August 2004

My parents' Visit Day II

Before i start my blog, i want to say something first : Ouch..
Actually my heart hurts to see my parents spent almost RM1000 just these two days alone up here. Seems like we really know how to burn a hole in our parents' pocket hehe =P

My parents came with my lunch at 12.30pm today (i slept late last night =P). The other guys (Jem, Yong Chen, Leong and Ashok) ran all the way to Inferno (apparently Chuin Hau wanted to check it out...). Well, my family didn't do anything much...except my parents opened the fridge and thought 'Wow, there's a totally different ecosystem inside...' (our freezer section of the fridge was frozen to the point that there's only space for you to put one hand into it). And so armed with a mop and something else that was used as an ice-breaker (i didn't really notice...), my dad and mom cleaned up the fridge =). You all should thank them for that hehe...though we never used that part of the fridge before (which explains why it ended up like that in the first place ;) )

After that my family and I went to MidValley for some shopping. Bought a CD-ROM drive for my elder bro (his old one got some problem) which costs around RM500+ and my younger bro bought a few books to read at home (i didn't know he likes to read...hehe). Then they brought me to my bro's apartment near IMU and stayed there till round 7pm before going for dinner and some shopping in Carrefour, Sri Petaling. There, we visited a watch shop and that's where i bought my 239 bucks solar-powered Casio watch. Ouch...i never thought they'll spend so much just to buy me a watch. But i'm really grateful for them for this...i think i finally found my motivation to study hard hehe ;)

Saturday, 21 August 2004

My parents' Visit Day I
Battle of the Bands

My family came up from JB today =). My younger bro got a week of school holidays so my parents decided to come up to visit me and my elder bro. Really miss them after more than one month since the last holidays ^^. Took me out for dinner at 5.30pm then dropped me back at My Place at 7.00pm for the Battle of the Bands (BoB). Actually i was quite unhappy they took so long to drive me back (my elder bro was looking around for a CD-ROM drive and my younger bro was looking for a Starcraft book). I shouldn't have been so petty considering they came all the way up from JB to see me. But apparently during that time all i could think of was i'm going to be late for the BoB. Turned out when i reached 121D the rest were still inside...and wearing their home clothes some more. Anyway, we bathed, changed and went straight to the BoB which is held in the carpark of Taylor's College.

Battle of the Bands
Me, Jem, Ashok, Leong and Chuin Hau (he came all the way from Sunway to attend BoB) reached the gates at round 7.30pm (it was supposed to start at 7pm)...where John's Mistresses had already started their performance. Their performance was ok lar so i didn't think we missed anything nice hehe. After the performance, the bands that got into the finals (there's one from IMU says my elder bro) finally got to strut their stuff. The first band's performance was nice but after that there was a problem with the sound system for the other three consecutive bands. We ended up trying to figure out if the bands were singing a Japanese song or some alien language we never heard before (their voices are a bit inaudible and we couldn't make out the words). Yong Chen came during the second band and left during the third (he wasn't into this kind of thing says he...and so do Pat) while Yih Seong's with his parents till tomorrow. So during the 20 minutes break after the fourth band (Versatile) the guys decided to go for dinner (it was around 9pm and they haven't eaten yet). Then after that, we went home straight away before going down for some Bob Cup action till 12am. Sanmugam and Ashok went Pavan's house while Leong and his classmates went to Club 7. Actually i wanted to go back to the BoB to catch the last few bands but apparently nobody else was interested so i just gave up...On Monday (23 August), Anne said they repaired the sound system and the rest of the BoB went quite well. Sigh...shouldn't have missed it but oh well...

Btw while we were there, we met Ms Ho (she was wearing spaghetti strap sleeveless kind of shirt which looks like a coloured singlet and mini-skirt O_o haha) and her mentees. When we were walking back to My Place after dinner, we saw them again. This time, Li Shan called my name a few times (i thought it was Ms Ho as all of them were behind us so i just pretended i didn't hear =P). I was quite surprised it was Li Shan who called me (i had never even talked to her before...) and she looked quite tired (or beautiful, according to the other guys =P). Chatted for a while before she went back for the BoB while i joined the guys back to My Place. I know i'm being overly sensitive but i hope Ms Ho got nothing to do with this...(she tried to pair up Li Shan with Afree the other time...). And she looked drunk haha...must be the Ribena again =P

Friday, 20 August 2004

Trials - Bio Paper 3
Roti Prata challenge
exams fever...

Biology Paper 3 - Practical
After days of flipping thru Ms Ho's almost illegible notes, finally it's down to practical. The night before i studied till 1.45am, trying to read up on all the past experiments we had done before. In the end, the experiment we were supposed to do turned out to be quite simple, with a few questions only (unlike our lab practicals where we can't even finish the experiment let alone answer the questions). The practical was a test on concentration of sucrose in a potato tissue (regardless of what Pat says, this is what we all thought the experiment is about) and a slide of an aorta that looked more like a vein to us. Nevertheless, i finished the experiment like 15 minutes before time but got stuck on a few questions (especially the precautions). Anyway, i think i did pretty good considering this is the first time we took a 'real' practical test. Seems like everyone's looking good too =)

After the Bio practical we were quarantined from 9.45am till 12.15pm. During that time all of us couldn't really concentrate on doing some revision (especially with Afree and Chow at the same table constantly making noise haha). I was too happy that Bio practical was over so i couldn't pick up the notes to study at all. At one point the conversation took a disgusting turn...Afree admitted a secret (something to do with biting people haha). In the end the two had to be separated coz both of them haven't even finish a page of revision but there's only like 10 minutes left...^^"

Roti Prata Challenge!
After college, me, Pat, Paul, Chow ,Afree and Wilson went out to the college gates coz Paul was sick but the rest wanted to go to McD's. Then suddenly the DJ Just the night i was trying to read up on the past experiments we had opposite called to us (we didn't realise that until Pat crossed the road alone haha). Seems like there's some kind of Australian Education Fair going on at the opposite and the DJ challenged the bunch of hungry guys at the gates (us, obviously...) to a Roti Prata eating competition. Pat, Chow, Afree and Wilson joined the challenge and Jem took over Paul's place coz he got sore throat. We thought either Jem or Pat would gobble up the roti and be crowned the winner but surprisingly, Afree (a.k.a. Jeffrey...the DJ couldn't quite catch his name) won the challenge. Apparently, he folded the roti several times, took two bites and the roti's gone O_o. Actually, Jem claimed he's the winner coz he swallowed his roti first but Afree got the grand prize - a Digi starter pack and some cosmetics (just what he needed haha =P)

Exams fever catching up...
Seems like everyone's getting the exams fever hehe. Wen Hoi was sick yesterday...And yesterday Paul got sore throat while today he woke up with a fever. He did look sick during Bio practical but it seems he did quite well with it. Not really a good time to fall sick...hope they get well soon. Written exams starting next week and not forgetting the Battle of the Bands tomorrow night! Quite looking forward to it actually =)

Wednesday, 18 August 2004

Trials - Physics Paper 3
121D Newsflash

Physics Paper 3 - Practical
It's quite easy compared to the ones we normally did in class though i don't have any idea what the hell the pencil's doing there (we were supposed to use the vertically-mounted pencil to help in measuring oscillations...). We were supposed to measure the period for a full oscillation of a ruler hung by a pin stuck to a cork clamped by a boss on a retort stand as we have measured millions of times before (the whole AS syllabus for Physics practicals is about oscillations, oscillations and more oscillations). Other than the pencil, the whole experiment went smoothly (well...not quite for me coz i did a few careless mistakes and my table for the readings ended up having more lines than necessary). Hope Mr Chan doesn't mind the mess...

Btw our class is split into 2 different groups (excluding Yong Chen) doing the practical in different labs. However, some way or another Yong Chen ended up taking his test with another class hehe. Heard it turned out ok for him so shouldn't be much of a problem...

121D Newsflash
Ms Ho was sighted in 121D last night! When Yong Chen came home (err..i mean his holiday villa) tonight, he brought Ms Ho along. Actually, she went for a talk in college and there were some leftover from the refreshments so she brought us some. Ironically, while the talk was on career as Dietician and Nutritionist (or something close to that), the fried chickens she brought for us contained more oil than you can get from Jem's face (oops...wrong analogy haha =P). She even stayed for a while and forced each of us to eat at least one (i ate 3 of them diet's not healthy at all but i don't really care as long as i enjoy my meal hehe). Pat hid in his room (before that he was sub-conciously SMSing...guess you don't really have to wake up to type SMS haha) so he didn't eat the last piece we left for him (it ended up in the dustbin after she left). Frankly, i was quite surprised she brought us food (here in Subang, we all are always hungry hehe). Though it was very oily, i think she meant well...(Pat suspected she was trying to get into our books...though why she wanted to do that in the first place was beyond my apprehension)

Tuesday, 17 August 2004

Chem test results
Jem's Warcraft addiction
Me start studying (at last!)

We got back our Chem test paper today. As expected our class didn't do very well. Not well at all it seems hehe. Ms Chan said only 3 of us passed (it turned out to be me, Paul, Chow and Yong Chen...all of us get 50 or above). As for me, i got 54 (the highest this time). Not to say i'm delighted with it but when you get the highest in class you just got to be happy with it ;)...considering the paper was on organic chemistry, the section with the most things to memorise. Apparently the other class who took the same test got 70 and above (according to Paul) O_o. Maybe it's just that we didn't work hard enough...

Onto a different topic, i think Jem's addicted to Warcraft hehe. Today after college he asked us to go cc with him but when no one wanted to go, he went alone O_o (Physics practical is tomorrow and Trials written tests start next week and here he is, playing Warcraft). Then later at night, he and Paul went cc again O_o. Maybe we should help him curb his addiction...

Btw Jem didn't go to college yesterday coz he felt sick. That morning i was quite surprised to see Jem's still hadn't bathe yet when i woke up at 7.15am (he's the first to wake up and bathe). Then he told me he's not going to college that day. Well, i guess he didn't miss much...we're not really listening in class anyway - too busy cramping AS notes into our brains till no space's left for A2 stuff.

As for the preparations for trials, i started studying seriously (and frantically =P) yesterday. Last week, it seems to me like we still have lots of time to study and suddenly, i noticed i can't really finish studying the whole syllabus and started to study the whole day...actually not the whole day (i can't survive that..)...just 2 hours in the library and 2 hours at night. In the end, i ended up trying very hard to open my eyes during college today and dozed off during Bio, Physics, Thinking Skills, and Chemistry. Think i should start earlier next time...thank god it's only the trials ^^"

Saturday, 14 August 2004

Seafood dinner with Ms Ho
Warcraft action at night

So Ms Ho got back to her usual self. That's ok i guess. Now she wants us to go eat seafood for dinner with her. what...

Apparently Ms Ho felt so 'happy' to eat dinner with us last last week that she decided to invite us out for seafood dinner today. It seems like she's been planning this all the while...and even with our constant change of subject everytime she brought it up, we knew it's inevitable...Well, the first 'targets' have been Afree and Chow so they can't escape (poor souls...=P). Then Ian Zing tagged along just to make it 3. Paik Weng joined too coz he's not going back to Ipoh this weekend. Nobody's really interested in eating seafood dinner with Ms Ho you's quite expensive (and the Ms Ho part is a big factor in making everyone think twice). Pat and Yih Seong's in financial crises, Denise got church stuff to attend to, Jem ran all the way back to JB, Yong Chen ran all the way back to his 'real' home (121D is his holiday villa coz he's never home ;) ), Ashok got away with the excuse 'I'm going out on Saturday night (though with who we didn't even know...), Anne barely got away by changing the topic everytime Ms Ho asked her (she seems good at it haha), Wen Hoi agreed to go but didn't turn up and Wen Ying just said she'll ask her mom (she didn't want to go too). Sigh...i wonder what did she do in her previous life to end up having students like us haha =P

At first, there's only Chow, Afree, Ian Zing and Paik Weng who's joining Ms Ho besides bout half a dozen students from her other classes. This doesn't look Chow literally begged Paul to go. Maybe Paul's in a good mood...or maybe the weather's good that day...whatever it is, Paul agreed to go (he said he pitied Chow haha). Ok, that's 5 from our class. Then Chow asked me again to go along too (nobody wanted to go so i didn't agree at first). Seeing Paul, Chow and Afree going, i decided to join them just to make Ms Ho happy. Actually, nearly everyone will be out that night (Jem and Leong went back to JB yesterday, Pat and Yong Chen got better dinner partners, Ashok going out (apparently) and that left Yih Seong at home) so i figure it's more fun to go out for dinner (out as in far from Subang...).

Generally, the dinner didn't turn out bad at all (mostly because Ms Ho wasn't at our table this time =P. We dumped her to the others just like what they did to us last time haha). Me, Afree, Chow, Paul, Ian Zing, Paik Weng and Mathavan(?) sat together and the others sat at another table. Maybe it's because she brought along a CPU lecturer (the name's Se To or something that sounds like that...he's a Canadian Chinese if i remember correctly) with her so she didn't show her 'ganja-overdosed' side (although she missed a turn while following right behind Eleen(?)'s car O_o. We ended up having to make a U-turn coz Ms Ho's car was second in line). Anyway to sum it up, the food was nice, Paul ate a lot of crabs, everyone's literally throwing food on each other's plate, Paul dirtied Chow's shirt while helping him 'clean' a stain, we exchanged prawns for more crabs with the other table, and we ended up paying more than 30 bucks for the dinner (our total was about 40 bucks more than the total of the other table coz Eleen(?) only brought 3 fish...we had to pay for 1 more). I don't really mind the's quite fun to eat dinner with friends actually =)

After dinner, the whole PM1 gang went home straight away...except Chow who asked us to go Warcraft again (me, Zi Yang, Paul and Yih Seong went cc with him after college yesterday). Since everyone's in the mood for Warcraft (except Ashok...) i decided not to ruin it for them and went along too. So much for my will power to abstain from cc until trials...sigh...Btw me and Yong Chen beat Ashok, Yih Seong and Chow! Hmm...quite a feat really hehe. I noticed i was quite authoritative (is that the word?) while playing..i always want my allies to do things my way so usually i gave the orders. (Sorry guys if you didn't like to be ordered around...i juz can't help it =P)

PS - I woke up late (bout 12.00pm) today, ate lunch, slept, woke up, went for a haircut nearby, and went for dinner. This isn't the healthiest lifestyle here i agree...but you haven't seen my friends yet haha =P. One of them could sleep up to half the day juz waking up for lunch and dinner (i'm not gonna say who...but you can most probably guess it haha =P) PS PS - Paul cut his hair today too. Said he didn't want his hair distract him during the exams hehe. I think you look much better with short hair, Paul ;)

Thursday, 12 August 2004

Ms Ching angry with our class...again

Just wanna make a note here that Ms Ching (our Math lecturer) was very very very unhappy with our class today (though it wasn't our fault anyway). We're supposed to start our revisions on AS topics today and she gave Denise a few worksheets to photostate. But somehow, when Pavanjeet went to collect them, the J&J guy couldn't find them. And so Ms Ching thought we didn't want to do the revision after all O_o. She said something bout she knew our attitude all along and just stood there accusing us of this and that. I mean, how reasonable is that! We're accused of not wanting to study just because the papers were misplaced? Sigh...apparently this isn't the first time she got unhappy with us. I think it's mostly because our class isn't very good in math and quite a number of us failed the Semester Exams. But this doesn't give her an excuse to be disappointed with us...Anyway after college, Yih Seong went to J&J with Denise and found the stack of papers - it was covered by a Chemistry paper on top. Sigh...i hope Ms Ching realised she had misjudged us all along...

Btw Chow got his sticker to park in My Place today. He had to go all the way to Taipan to get it so he brought along Paul, Yih Seong, Denise and Afree. Heard they went to a very expensive restaurant - the cheapest food costs more than 10 bucks and Paul paid bout 20 bucks for steak. Ouch..

Meanwhile, me, Jem, and Zi Yang joined Pat for lunch at Mee Yoke (we used to go there everyday for lunch without fail during the beginning of this year...Ian Zing even called us the Mee Yoke brothers hehe). After lunch, Jem, Wy Keen, Zi Yang, Oscar, Oscar's friend and Pat went to cc again (i don't know how many times i had type the word 'again'....). For your info, Pat hadn't been into a cc for the past few months due to financial crisis according to him. He went this time mainly because Jem belanja him (apparently Jem wanted to check out his skills at Warcraft). This time i managed to strengthen my will power and went home right away after lunch hehe =). Here's the first step towards standing by me swear hehe...

Wednesday, 11 August 2004

Oscar at futsal and Warcraft

Futsal training again =). Yih Seong couldn't join us coz his father said he's not supposed to play futsal for 2 weeks after he sprained his foot during the last match. However, somehow Oscar decided to play with us =) this time. He said he used to play as a keeper last time...hope he's a good one coz our team doesn't have many keeper left after Jem broke his specs...

At first Oscar played as keeper but it seemed that after letting in a few goals Sanmugam wasn't very happy bout it. Anyway, i ended up playing as the keeper...and quite a bad one at that hehe. This is the first time i played as keeper this year though so that didn't come as a surprise hehe. Being a keeper is quite fun too...but it'll be more fun being a keeper that can block goals. During the whole match i can't even keep track of the number of goals i let in...though i saved very few shots (mostly slow balls hehe). Btw Paul, sorry i saved your shot haha =P...

Anyway i think Oscar's not bad playing as a defender considering this is his first match...he blocked quite a number of shots by himself though i agree he was kind of apprehensive but that was expected..he's new anyway. But i doubt he'll be playing with us again next time after all the scoldings from Sanmugam. He didn't look very happy about that...

That nite, i broke my promise and went to cc again =(. Sigh...when it comes to my friends nothing can stop them from playing Warcraft hehe. I didn't want to go actually but Oscar was going this time so i wanted to see how good he is (heard a lot bout his prowess but haven't seen it on battlefield yet..). Well, looks like the things said bout him is true after all. He and his friend just literally sweep through the opponents' bases. Luckily i'm on his side hehe...

Sigh...and so here i swear again to not go into cc until after trials. Unfortunately, my friends haven't seem to give up on cc yet...even though trials starts in less than 2 weeks and we haven't touch our books yet O_o. They're addicted i tell you...

Monday, 9 August 2004

Jem's trip to Pyramid alone..

Nothing much happened during the past weekend...we're supposed to start studying for the Trial Exams next next week but no one seemed to be motivated to study at all (i wonder why...). As for me i tried to start studying but i think sleep is more important for me right now =P

Anyway Jem went to Sunway Pyramid by himself as his phone was supposed to be repaired by today. I wanted to go too but then i felt very tired and sleepy (i was asleep during half the classes...) so i didn't go along. Unfortunately Jem's phone is still not ready yet...and so Jem went ice-skating by himself O_o. Apparently he paid 55 bucks plus the entrance fee for a one hour tuition class hehe. Wonder if it's really worth it...well at least he's happy with it =)

Friday, 6 August 2004

Classes end early today...

College ends at 11am today =). Actually the extra Bio lesson on Wednesday was to replace today's missed lesson (the lecturers are going to Cameron Highlands today so the last class have to be cancelled). Anyway as our class ends early, we had a class outing again =) (sadly, our class outings are limited to lunch only hehe). This time we went to eat the famous pork noodles near Carrefour. Me, Hoi, Zi Yang, Pat, Paul, Jem, Anne, Afreem Wilson, Ashok, Sanmugam, Denise, Chow, Yih Seong, and Yong Chen joined this class outing. Well, it tasted very nice for 4 bucks only...

After our lunch, Denise and Yih Seong went 1 Utama while Ashok, Sanmugam and Zi Yang went Sunway Pyramid to catch 'Catwoman'. I don't think it's really worth it to watch the movie so i decided to give it a miss. And so i followed Jem to Sunway Pyramid to ice-skate (our second trip there...) and i even asked Chuin Hau along (he skipped his Bio class for this). Actually, Jem wanted to check on his phone which he sent for repairs last week so we just decided to ice-skate while we were there. Unfortunately, bad luck befell us again as we couldn't go on with our ice-skating plan coz there's an ice show at 3.30pm. Sigh..seems like we have to postpone it to Monday then...=(

Btw there was supposed to be a Charity and Welfare Society meeting today. I signed myself up for the society early this year but i haven't even hear a whisper from them since then. So when the notice was put up i wasn't sure if i wanted to go or not. I didn't even know why did i sign up for that society in the first place...maybe it's just me being me - always wanting to do a lot of stuff and ended up doing nothing. Furthermore Jem asked me to go ice-skating with him so i though what the heck, ice-skating is much more fun than that meeting =P. I'm still deciding though whether i'm really interested in joining the society...most probably i won't have much time for it anyway...

Wednesday, 4 August 2004

Bio overdose
My last Warcraft game (me swears...)

Damn stressed today...and felt damn sleepy too...didn't have enough sleep coz have to study for Bio test and copy Pat's tutorial questions' answers till past midnight yesterday. Don't know why suddenly Ms Ho gone crazy and took away our only one hour lunch break for the Bio test. This means that we are gonna stay in college from 8am till 4pm without lunch! Can't imagine what got into her...she won't even let us have a 30 minute break or something. No choice though...we have to endure 4 and a half hours of Bio with an empty stomach >=(. She can be quite unreasonable sometimes...which i'm sure more than half of my class will agree (especially Yih Seong, Jem and Paul hehe). Zi Yang joined Ashok and dropped Bio yesterday...he must be enjoying himself now...sigh lucky guy. Btw we marked our own Bio paper during tutorial...i got 65 marks which is around the average of my class me thinks...not that i care much bout this test anyway (all of us could get an A if we wanted to =P). And i don't feel happy during college today. Thinks this is the first time i felt moody since college starts... (though i tried very hard to hide it so you guys may not notice...). Maybe it's the stress of college life getting to me...

After college we went to play futsal against ourselves again =). Unfortunately Leong didn't join us this time so Hoi brought along his brother instead...which is just like him - damn pro in futsal hehe. Have to make a note here that Yih Seong and Jem said i played better than last time today hehe. I don't really think i improved much...i still can't bring the ball upfield =(. Maybe i should practise dribbling when i get back home (home as in Senai of course ;) ). Truthfully the only moment i felt proud of is that i successfully passed the ball to Hoi (now, this is rare...) and he scored. At last i did something useful for my team haha...=) Oh yea btw Yih Seong kicked the ball to Jem's face towards the end of the match. Apparently he wanted to chip the ball past Jem but decided at the last minute to blast the ball in. Luckily Jem saved the shot but unluckily for him it was his face that blocked it hehe =P. His specs was broken and got scratched in between his eyes. Nothing serious though so there's nothing much to be concerned about hehe...Strangely, about ten minutes after that Yih Seong sprained his foot when there's no one within 3 metres radius near him! Talk about karma...haha. Think it's quite bad though. Sadly, we have to end the match earlier than usual coz there's not enough player to go by after Yih Seong got injured...

At night me, Jem and Ashok (the usual three...) went to Darussalam for dinner. While Jem was paying for dinner me and Ashok went to the newly opened Inferno (one of the ccs sprouting in Subang) nearby to take a peek. Flat screens, bright lights, new speakers and headphones...damn nice compared to the usual Silver Surfers hehe. Then before we three realised we were in Inferno playing Warcraft 3. Seems like i have to curb this cc addiction soon...if not i'll end up like Zi Yang haha =P. Sigh...i swear this is the last time i gonna step into cc before the swears...

PS - Somehow, when i was going to sleep i don't feel that moody anymore. Maybe futsal and cc lifted my spirits hehe. Haven't feel this great for a long i wished i can enjoy everyday like i enjoyed today...i mean, half of today of course ;)

Monday, 2 August 2004

PM1 News...

Well, i got nothing much to do here (it's either sleep or cc) i just decided to recap what happened in college today...
Note : this IS a typical day

PM1 News =)
Me and Pat wore couple T today haha. Now before you all get any ideas, it's just that me and Pat wore T-shirts with the same design to college today. Actually this kind of coincidence happened quite a number of times before...much to our dismay ;). (Apparently Yih Seong and Ashok even have the same design, same brand shirts hehe...).

Btw our two hours break on Monday is going to be cut short to 1 hour because our Physics lecturer, Mr. Chan wanted to have an extra class to discuss past year questions. Sigh...notably the whole class isn't very happy bout it (our class rep Ian Zing suggested Monday...the worst day of all). However, during the extra class we didn't accomplish much...most of us were talking while Mr Chan explained something to one student by one student. Obviously, Zi Yang wasn't very happy about this...he even asked Anne to shut up during the extra class. Being the crazy self as Anne is =P (ok, ok...i'm lying...just don't pinch me k haha =P), they nearly got into a fight for nothing hehe (Anne thought he was joking and decided to play along)

And lastly, Ms Ho returned to her old self. You know, the 'ganja-overdosed' self as my friends call her. I don't know this is good or bad...or maybe it doesn't matter anyway. Seems like our 'bak kut teh' dinner plan was successful...somehow i'm still not looking forward to Bio...

Sunday, 1 August 2004

A tribute to my friends
Jem, Pat and Bob went for a haircut

7 months. It's been that long since i first stepped into our beloved cave dwelling 121D. Funny how time flies...i still can vividly remember those times with my friends during Form 5. Seems like time passes very fast if you aren't aware if it hehe. Strangely, somehow right now i don't really feel as homesick as i were before. Maybe my home has become 121D (O_o what a scary thought...). Maybe it's that my friends here made life away from home more comfortable hehe. Anyway, i'm really glad to get to know all the guys and gals in PM1 - a bunch of wierd people i must say =P but then again...which of my friends aren't hehe. You all made life in college very interesting...And of course my apartmentmates (though most of you aren't home most of the time anyway)...really fun guys to be with...sometimes that is =P. I can't believe i had stayed with these guys for so long...and stay sane (i think...). But truthfully, living with friends beats living alone all the time (ironically, i don't even see them for half of the day although we are living under one roof...). Here's a toast to my apartmentmates (including my half-apartmentmate Paul too ;) ), may we succeed in trying to keep our sanity while making others lose theirs ;)
(Actually i wanted to compose a poem (as in go Google, search for a poem, copy and paste it...what were u thinking?) or something but then i just got lazy...maybe next time lah)

More 121D News coming up...
Jem, Pat and Yih Seong went to Jem's uncle who owns a barber shop (i forgot what you called it...) this morning. Actually the plan was to go yesterday but Jem's uncle wasn't free. I slept through the morning and when i woke up, they all came back already. How's their haircut? Hmm..Jem cut short his hair (trying to spike i see...), Pat's hair was cut even shorter (he was very traumatised by this haha) and Yih Seong's hair looks the same (hey, everyone says so! haha =P).

Then at nite all of us gather (sadly, this is the only time all of us sat together) to do the endless Bio homework that Ms Ho kept piling up on us. Took us past midnight to finish them (I slept at 1.50am...the usual time i sleep everyday here). Sigh...when will we see an end to this torment...

PS - I don't know if i mention this before...but just to clarify this entry's topic, Yih Seong and Bob will be used interchangeably. Bob is Yih Seong and Yih Seong is Bob. Get it? ;)