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Thursday, 26 August 2004

Trials - Chemistry Paper 1 & 2

Trials - Chemistry Paper 1 & 2
Today was Chemistry papers. Overall, it's a liitle bit hard as i got stuck at a few questions. Couldn't really get to that part of my brain which stores all the Chemistry info i have studied the past 3 days. Sigh...but i don't think i would do badly this time...i hope.

Skipping classes trend starts again...
Well, it seems like every school i went, there'll be this habit of skipping school just before exams (ok, maybe not during primary school..). On Monday, attendance was normal but after that it just dwindle down to 7 yesterday(8 if you count Ashok who came for the first period only...he claimed he was 'sick' haha =P).

Actually, Pat already planned to skip school on Tuesday coz we didn't really do much so near to the exams...just exercises and a bit of Q&A. So on Tuesday morning, everyone except Pat and Yih Seong woke up as usual. However, seeing Pat and Yih Seong lying unconsciously on their beds, Yong Chen, Ashok and Jem decided not to go too. By that time i already bathed so i thought what the heck and just went to college myself. If i stayed at home it won't be very productive anyway.. (later i heard they ended up talking cock and bout Warcraft after Yih Seong joined them haha =P).

Strangely, on Wednesday Jem, Yong Chen and Ashok (for the first period at least..) decided to go to college...though Pat and Yih Seong were still in slumberland. Glad that they did though...our class on Wednesday consisted of me, Yong Chen, Jem, Paul, Chow, Afree, and Wy Keen (Paven, Ashok and Shan came for a while only). In the end we skipped the last two periods of Bio anyway hehe =P (Chow suggested we use the excuse 'we got no class to go').

PS - I put Yih Seong under 'mE FelLoW hAlf-dEaD blOGgIes =P' yesterday which resulted in him feeling insulted bout it haha. At least i got you to blog Yih Seong =P (btw i changed the group you are under it better? haha)

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