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Friday, 20 August 2004

Trials - Bio Paper 3
Roti Prata challenge
exams fever...

Biology Paper 3 - Practical
After days of flipping thru Ms Ho's almost illegible notes, finally it's down to practical. The night before i studied till 1.45am, trying to read up on all the past experiments we had done before. In the end, the experiment we were supposed to do turned out to be quite simple, with a few questions only (unlike our lab practicals where we can't even finish the experiment let alone answer the questions). The practical was a test on concentration of sucrose in a potato tissue (regardless of what Pat says, this is what we all thought the experiment is about) and a slide of an aorta that looked more like a vein to us. Nevertheless, i finished the experiment like 15 minutes before time but got stuck on a few questions (especially the precautions). Anyway, i think i did pretty good considering this is the first time we took a 'real' practical test. Seems like everyone's looking good too =)

After the Bio practical we were quarantined from 9.45am till 12.15pm. During that time all of us couldn't really concentrate on doing some revision (especially with Afree and Chow at the same table constantly making noise haha). I was too happy that Bio practical was over so i couldn't pick up the notes to study at all. At one point the conversation took a disgusting turn...Afree admitted a secret (something to do with biting people haha). In the end the two had to be separated coz both of them haven't even finish a page of revision but there's only like 10 minutes left...^^"

Roti Prata Challenge!
After college, me, Pat, Paul, Chow ,Afree and Wilson went out to the college gates coz Paul was sick but the rest wanted to go to McD's. Then suddenly the DJ Just the night i was trying to read up on the past experiments we had opposite called to us (we didn't realise that until Pat crossed the road alone haha). Seems like there's some kind of Australian Education Fair going on at the opposite and the DJ challenged the bunch of hungry guys at the gates (us, obviously...) to a Roti Prata eating competition. Pat, Chow, Afree and Wilson joined the challenge and Jem took over Paul's place coz he got sore throat. We thought either Jem or Pat would gobble up the roti and be crowned the winner but surprisingly, Afree (a.k.a. Jeffrey...the DJ couldn't quite catch his name) won the challenge. Apparently, he folded the roti several times, took two bites and the roti's gone O_o. Actually, Jem claimed he's the winner coz he swallowed his roti first but Afree got the grand prize - a Digi starter pack and some cosmetics (just what he needed haha =P)

Exams fever catching up...
Seems like everyone's getting the exams fever hehe. Wen Hoi was sick yesterday...And yesterday Paul got sore throat while today he woke up with a fever. He did look sick during Bio practical but it seems he did quite well with it. Not really a good time to fall sick...hope they get well soon. Written exams starting next week and not forgetting the Battle of the Bands tomorrow night! Quite looking forward to it actually =)

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