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Saturday, 28 August 2004

Intensive Warcraft training
Middle Earth 3rd Parliamentary Meeting (when conflicts arise..)

We are dead, i tell you...dead...
We're f*cked. Pardon the harsh language (i must have been hanging around Anne and Pat too much...) but that's what we are right now. Next Monday we got Math and Thinking Skills papers, next Thursday we got Bio and Physics papers and here we are studying Warcraft 3 so intensively ^^". For the last three consecutive days (today included) some of us have been going to cc without fail. I swear if there's gonna be a Warcraft test, we'll be most enthusiastic to study for it hehe =P. Btw let's just say this is our pre-'Massive Warcraft Battle' training. Here's a summary of our cc outings the past three days..

26 August 2004
Today got Chemistry papers so felt very drained...can't even look at anything with words on it anymore. Actually i told Paul there was a probability we may go cc coz there's only me, Yong Chen, Yih Seong and Pat at home with nothing to do (Jem and Ashok went to watch Collateral at Pyramid). But he told me to go at night coz he's playing futsal that evening. Then during our dinner Paul SMSed me asking me if we were really going (i forgot to ask the guys then...). Things lead to things and in the end me, Yih Seong, Jem, Leong, Ashok, Yong Chen, Paul, John and Tiong was fighting in Warcraft (no matter what we tried, Pat just won't go...wonder why). I teamed up with Ashok, Yih Seong and Leong vs the rest (Paul's apartmentmates were supposed to be 'new' to Warcraft). Turned out our team stood no chance at all against them and lost in both battles. Shouldn't have been so confident hehe..

27 August 2004
Paul came in the afternoon to recruit budaks to go cc again (apparently he's very happy bout the new 'mortar team' he found yesterday). Then after lunch, we all decided to have another go at Warcraft. This time it's me, Pat and Yong Chen against Ashok, Jem and Leong. Due to some 'tactical error' claimed by the other team, we won just after the second wave we sent =). Yih Seong didn't come this time (i think Denise had something to do with this haha =P). After the first game, Pat left and Paul took his place. Played a 'hero' kind of game with me, Paul and Yong Chen on one side. I say we do stand a chance against them but their creeps were just too strong =(

28 August 2004
The whole afternoon and evening, Pat and Yih Seong was calling us to go cc (Yih Seong and Leong got so desperate they played Warcraft on paper haha O_o). As a result, all of us couldn't even concentrate on our studies at all. Then when night came and all of us are prepared to go, Pat and Yih Seong back out. After some delaying in trying to get them to go, Yong Chen just got fed up and went home (not 121D...the other one). So in the end it's me, Jem, Ashok and Leong vs Paul, John and Tiong. They played really well i must say, seeing this is just John's fifth(?) time playing Warcraft. Anyway we played for 3 hours till midnight...and i seriously think this is the last time we ever gonna play before Massive Warcraft Battle. But i did enjoyed myself massively the past three days...although guilt sets in right after that hehe =P

Middle Earth 3rd Parliamentary Meeting
The 3rd Parliamentary Meeting was held at 2030 Hour (approx.). There was a reshuffle of the Cabinet as there was some restlessness among the old Cabinet and some positions of Ministers had been changed. The new Cabinet is as follows:-

Prime Minister Wong Yih Seong
Minister of Warcraft Jeremy Gerard Nunis
Minister of Defense Leong Jit Sen
Minister of Foreign Affairs Siaw Chye Hing
-(the PM commented that i got a lot of 'relations')
Minister of Work Ashok Kumar
Minister of Food and Beverage (F&B) Yee Yong Chen
Minister of Culture Patrick Ho
-(apparently he wasn't happy being PM's biatch haha =P)

Apparently, there was a conflict between Yih Seong and Yong Chen during the reshuffle. While changing Pat's post from PM's biatch to the current one, Yong Chen commented that Yih Seong does not need a biatch coz he already got one O_o. Then Yih Seong got really angry and told Yong Chen that there's some thing that just shouldn't be said. After that he just fell silent and ignored Yong Chen. Yong Chen tried to apologize but it seems that Yih Seong is too hurted. So Yong Chen being the person he is just ignore Yih Seong and leave him be since then. Hope things do not escalate any more...

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