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Saturday, 14 August 2004

Seafood dinner with Ms Ho
Warcraft action at night

So Ms Ho got back to her usual self. That's ok i guess. Now she wants us to go eat seafood for dinner with her. what...

Apparently Ms Ho felt so 'happy' to eat dinner with us last last week that she decided to invite us out for seafood dinner today. It seems like she's been planning this all the while...and even with our constant change of subject everytime she brought it up, we knew it's inevitable...Well, the first 'targets' have been Afree and Chow so they can't escape (poor souls...=P). Then Ian Zing tagged along just to make it 3. Paik Weng joined too coz he's not going back to Ipoh this weekend. Nobody's really interested in eating seafood dinner with Ms Ho you's quite expensive (and the Ms Ho part is a big factor in making everyone think twice). Pat and Yih Seong's in financial crises, Denise got church stuff to attend to, Jem ran all the way back to JB, Yong Chen ran all the way back to his 'real' home (121D is his holiday villa coz he's never home ;) ), Ashok got away with the excuse 'I'm going out on Saturday night (though with who we didn't even know...), Anne barely got away by changing the topic everytime Ms Ho asked her (she seems good at it haha), Wen Hoi agreed to go but didn't turn up and Wen Ying just said she'll ask her mom (she didn't want to go too). Sigh...i wonder what did she do in her previous life to end up having students like us haha =P

At first, there's only Chow, Afree, Ian Zing and Paik Weng who's joining Ms Ho besides bout half a dozen students from her other classes. This doesn't look Chow literally begged Paul to go. Maybe Paul's in a good mood...or maybe the weather's good that day...whatever it is, Paul agreed to go (he said he pitied Chow haha). Ok, that's 5 from our class. Then Chow asked me again to go along too (nobody wanted to go so i didn't agree at first). Seeing Paul, Chow and Afree going, i decided to join them just to make Ms Ho happy. Actually, nearly everyone will be out that night (Jem and Leong went back to JB yesterday, Pat and Yong Chen got better dinner partners, Ashok going out (apparently) and that left Yih Seong at home) so i figure it's more fun to go out for dinner (out as in far from Subang...).

Generally, the dinner didn't turn out bad at all (mostly because Ms Ho wasn't at our table this time =P. We dumped her to the others just like what they did to us last time haha). Me, Afree, Chow, Paul, Ian Zing, Paik Weng and Mathavan(?) sat together and the others sat at another table. Maybe it's because she brought along a CPU lecturer (the name's Se To or something that sounds like that...he's a Canadian Chinese if i remember correctly) with her so she didn't show her 'ganja-overdosed' side (although she missed a turn while following right behind Eleen(?)'s car O_o. We ended up having to make a U-turn coz Ms Ho's car was second in line). Anyway to sum it up, the food was nice, Paul ate a lot of crabs, everyone's literally throwing food on each other's plate, Paul dirtied Chow's shirt while helping him 'clean' a stain, we exchanged prawns for more crabs with the other table, and we ended up paying more than 30 bucks for the dinner (our total was about 40 bucks more than the total of the other table coz Eleen(?) only brought 3 fish...we had to pay for 1 more). I don't really mind the's quite fun to eat dinner with friends actually =)

After dinner, the whole PM1 gang went home straight away...except Chow who asked us to go Warcraft again (me, Zi Yang, Paul and Yih Seong went cc with him after college yesterday). Since everyone's in the mood for Warcraft (except Ashok...) i decided not to ruin it for them and went along too. So much for my will power to abstain from cc until trials...sigh...Btw me and Yong Chen beat Ashok, Yih Seong and Chow! Hmm...quite a feat really hehe. I noticed i was quite authoritative (is that the word?) while playing..i always want my allies to do things my way so usually i gave the orders. (Sorry guys if you didn't like to be ordered around...i juz can't help it =P)

PS - I woke up late (bout 12.00pm) today, ate lunch, slept, woke up, went for a haircut nearby, and went for dinner. This isn't the healthiest lifestyle here i agree...but you haven't seen my friends yet haha =P. One of them could sleep up to half the day juz waking up for lunch and dinner (i'm not gonna say who...but you can most probably guess it haha =P) PS PS - Paul cut his hair today too. Said he didn't want his hair distract him during the exams hehe. I think you look much better with short hair, Paul ;)

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