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Sunday, 22 August 2004

My parents' Visit Day II

Before i start my blog, i want to say something first : Ouch..
Actually my heart hurts to see my parents spent almost RM1000 just these two days alone up here. Seems like we really know how to burn a hole in our parents' pocket hehe =P

My parents came with my lunch at 12.30pm today (i slept late last night =P). The other guys (Jem, Yong Chen, Leong and Ashok) ran all the way to Inferno (apparently Chuin Hau wanted to check it out...). Well, my family didn't do anything much...except my parents opened the fridge and thought 'Wow, there's a totally different ecosystem inside...' (our freezer section of the fridge was frozen to the point that there's only space for you to put one hand into it). And so armed with a mop and something else that was used as an ice-breaker (i didn't really notice...), my dad and mom cleaned up the fridge =). You all should thank them for that hehe...though we never used that part of the fridge before (which explains why it ended up like that in the first place ;) )

After that my family and I went to MidValley for some shopping. Bought a CD-ROM drive for my elder bro (his old one got some problem) which costs around RM500+ and my younger bro bought a few books to read at home (i didn't know he likes to read...hehe). Then they brought me to my bro's apartment near IMU and stayed there till round 7pm before going for dinner and some shopping in Carrefour, Sri Petaling. There, we visited a watch shop and that's where i bought my 239 bucks solar-powered Casio watch. Ouch...i never thought they'll spend so much just to buy me a watch. But i'm really grateful for them for this...i think i finally found my motivation to study hard hehe ;)

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