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Tuesday, 31 August 2004

Trials - Chemistry Practical
Private Tuition for Li Shan O_o

Yesterday was Hari Merdeka...which juz came and went like any other day. Nothing much happened except all of us studied like hell (well...except Leong and Ashok of course – they didn’t take Bio) for Thursday when we have both Bio and Physics in the same day =(.

Trials - Chemistry Practical
Nothing to say bout it...juz that I almost did the whole experiment wrong before I realised it. You see, I filled the conical flasks with the same solution as the one we are supposed to add to it...thank god I saw my mistake early. If not half of this practical’s marks will be gone for nothing...

Private Tuition for Li Shan...apparently
Btw Li Shan came to our place some time after dinner to ask me something bout physics. Actually she was supposed to come yesterday (I got an early warning from Yih Seong) but somehow she couldn’t make it. Anyway at bout 9.30pm she came into our apartment, sat at our dining table cum conference table cum ping pong table cum Warcraft discussion table and juz studied her notes there. Which is rather fine with me coz at least I got some time to study for Bio papers tomorrow =P. She did ask me a couple of of which I couldn’t figure out. Hope she didn’t mind my poor tuition hehe...

(Rumours - Yih Seong told me it’s Ms Ho who told Li Shan that I’m good in Physics…which explains why she suddenly approach me for tuition...)

PS - Btw I’m NOT going after Li Shan despite what the others say. She’s all yours Paul...or Chow...or Afree...or anyone else she had in mind ;). This whole thing juz seems so messy haha =P. Wouldn't want to get myself involved hehe...

-1.38am, 6 September 2004-

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