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Saturday, 21 August 2004

My parents' Visit Day I
Battle of the Bands

My family came up from JB today =). My younger bro got a week of school holidays so my parents decided to come up to visit me and my elder bro. Really miss them after more than one month since the last holidays ^^. Took me out for dinner at 5.30pm then dropped me back at My Place at 7.00pm for the Battle of the Bands (BoB). Actually i was quite unhappy they took so long to drive me back (my elder bro was looking around for a CD-ROM drive and my younger bro was looking for a Starcraft book). I shouldn't have been so petty considering they came all the way up from JB to see me. But apparently during that time all i could think of was i'm going to be late for the BoB. Turned out when i reached 121D the rest were still inside...and wearing their home clothes some more. Anyway, we bathed, changed and went straight to the BoB which is held in the carpark of Taylor's College.

Battle of the Bands
Me, Jem, Ashok, Leong and Chuin Hau (he came all the way from Sunway to attend BoB) reached the gates at round 7.30pm (it was supposed to start at 7pm)...where John's Mistresses had already started their performance. Their performance was ok lar so i didn't think we missed anything nice hehe. After the performance, the bands that got into the finals (there's one from IMU says my elder bro) finally got to strut their stuff. The first band's performance was nice but after that there was a problem with the sound system for the other three consecutive bands. We ended up trying to figure out if the bands were singing a Japanese song or some alien language we never heard before (their voices are a bit inaudible and we couldn't make out the words). Yong Chen came during the second band and left during the third (he wasn't into this kind of thing says he...and so do Pat) while Yih Seong's with his parents till tomorrow. So during the 20 minutes break after the fourth band (Versatile) the guys decided to go for dinner (it was around 9pm and they haven't eaten yet). Then after that, we went home straight away before going down for some Bob Cup action till 12am. Sanmugam and Ashok went Pavan's house while Leong and his classmates went to Club 7. Actually i wanted to go back to the BoB to catch the last few bands but apparently nobody else was interested so i just gave up...On Monday (23 August), Anne said they repaired the sound system and the rest of the BoB went quite well. Sigh...shouldn't have missed it but oh well...

Btw while we were there, we met Ms Ho (she was wearing spaghetti strap sleeveless kind of shirt which looks like a coloured singlet and mini-skirt O_o haha) and her mentees. When we were walking back to My Place after dinner, we saw them again. This time, Li Shan called my name a few times (i thought it was Ms Ho as all of them were behind us so i just pretended i didn't hear =P). I was quite surprised it was Li Shan who called me (i had never even talked to her before...) and she looked quite tired (or beautiful, according to the other guys =P). Chatted for a while before she went back for the BoB while i joined the guys back to My Place. I know i'm being overly sensitive but i hope Ms Ho got nothing to do with this...(she tried to pair up Li Shan with Afree the other time...). And she looked drunk haha...must be the Ribena again =P

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