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Monday, 9 August 2004

Jem's trip to Pyramid alone..

Nothing much happened during the past weekend...we're supposed to start studying for the Trial Exams next next week but no one seemed to be motivated to study at all (i wonder why...). As for me i tried to start studying but i think sleep is more important for me right now =P

Anyway Jem went to Sunway Pyramid by himself as his phone was supposed to be repaired by today. I wanted to go too but then i felt very tired and sleepy (i was asleep during half the classes...) so i didn't go along. Unfortunately Jem's phone is still not ready yet...and so Jem went ice-skating by himself O_o. Apparently he paid 55 bucks plus the entrance fee for a one hour tuition class hehe. Wonder if it's really worth it...well at least he's happy with it =)

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