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Monday, 2 August 2004

PM1 News...

Well, i got nothing much to do here (it's either sleep or cc) i just decided to recap what happened in college today...
Note : this IS a typical day

PM1 News =)
Me and Pat wore couple T today haha. Now before you all get any ideas, it's just that me and Pat wore T-shirts with the same design to college today. Actually this kind of coincidence happened quite a number of times before...much to our dismay ;). (Apparently Yih Seong and Ashok even have the same design, same brand shirts hehe...).

Btw our two hours break on Monday is going to be cut short to 1 hour because our Physics lecturer, Mr. Chan wanted to have an extra class to discuss past year questions. Sigh...notably the whole class isn't very happy bout it (our class rep Ian Zing suggested Monday...the worst day of all). However, during the extra class we didn't accomplish much...most of us were talking while Mr Chan explained something to one student by one student. Obviously, Zi Yang wasn't very happy about this...he even asked Anne to shut up during the extra class. Being the crazy self as Anne is =P (ok, ok...i'm lying...just don't pinch me k haha =P), they nearly got into a fight for nothing hehe (Anne thought he was joking and decided to play along)

And lastly, Ms Ho returned to her old self. You know, the 'ganja-overdosed' self as my friends call her. I don't know this is good or bad...or maybe it doesn't matter anyway. Seems like our 'bak kut teh' dinner plan was successful...somehow i'm still not looking forward to Bio...

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