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Wednesday, 4 August 2004

Bio overdose
My last Warcraft game (me swears...)

Damn stressed today...and felt damn sleepy too...didn't have enough sleep coz have to study for Bio test and copy Pat's tutorial questions' answers till past midnight yesterday. Don't know why suddenly Ms Ho gone crazy and took away our only one hour lunch break for the Bio test. This means that we are gonna stay in college from 8am till 4pm without lunch! Can't imagine what got into her...she won't even let us have a 30 minute break or something. No choice though...we have to endure 4 and a half hours of Bio with an empty stomach >=(. She can be quite unreasonable sometimes...which i'm sure more than half of my class will agree (especially Yih Seong, Jem and Paul hehe). Zi Yang joined Ashok and dropped Bio yesterday...he must be enjoying himself now...sigh lucky guy. Btw we marked our own Bio paper during tutorial...i got 65 marks which is around the average of my class me thinks...not that i care much bout this test anyway (all of us could get an A if we wanted to =P). And i don't feel happy during college today. Thinks this is the first time i felt moody since college starts... (though i tried very hard to hide it so you guys may not notice...). Maybe it's the stress of college life getting to me...

After college we went to play futsal against ourselves again =). Unfortunately Leong didn't join us this time so Hoi brought along his brother instead...which is just like him - damn pro in futsal hehe. Have to make a note here that Yih Seong and Jem said i played better than last time today hehe. I don't really think i improved much...i still can't bring the ball upfield =(. Maybe i should practise dribbling when i get back home (home as in Senai of course ;) ). Truthfully the only moment i felt proud of is that i successfully passed the ball to Hoi (now, this is rare...) and he scored. At last i did something useful for my team haha...=) Oh yea btw Yih Seong kicked the ball to Jem's face towards the end of the match. Apparently he wanted to chip the ball past Jem but decided at the last minute to blast the ball in. Luckily Jem saved the shot but unluckily for him it was his face that blocked it hehe =P. His specs was broken and got scratched in between his eyes. Nothing serious though so there's nothing much to be concerned about hehe...Strangely, about ten minutes after that Yih Seong sprained his foot when there's no one within 3 metres radius near him! Talk about karma...haha. Think it's quite bad though. Sadly, we have to end the match earlier than usual coz there's not enough player to go by after Yih Seong got injured...

At night me, Jem and Ashok (the usual three...) went to Darussalam for dinner. While Jem was paying for dinner me and Ashok went to the newly opened Inferno (one of the ccs sprouting in Subang) nearby to take a peek. Flat screens, bright lights, new speakers and headphones...damn nice compared to the usual Silver Surfers hehe. Then before we three realised we were in Inferno playing Warcraft 3. Seems like i have to curb this cc addiction soon...if not i'll end up like Zi Yang haha =P. Sigh...i swear this is the last time i gonna step into cc before the swears...

PS - Somehow, when i was going to sleep i don't feel that moody anymore. Maybe futsal and cc lifted my spirits hehe. Haven't feel this great for a long i wished i can enjoy everyday like i enjoyed today...i mean, half of today of course ;)

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