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Wednesday, 18 August 2004

Trials - Physics Paper 3
121D Newsflash

Physics Paper 3 - Practical
It's quite easy compared to the ones we normally did in class though i don't have any idea what the hell the pencil's doing there (we were supposed to use the vertically-mounted pencil to help in measuring oscillations...). We were supposed to measure the period for a full oscillation of a ruler hung by a pin stuck to a cork clamped by a boss on a retort stand as we have measured millions of times before (the whole AS syllabus for Physics practicals is about oscillations, oscillations and more oscillations). Other than the pencil, the whole experiment went smoothly (well...not quite for me coz i did a few careless mistakes and my table for the readings ended up having more lines than necessary). Hope Mr Chan doesn't mind the mess...

Btw our class is split into 2 different groups (excluding Yong Chen) doing the practical in different labs. However, some way or another Yong Chen ended up taking his test with another class hehe. Heard it turned out ok for him so shouldn't be much of a problem...

121D Newsflash
Ms Ho was sighted in 121D last night! When Yong Chen came home (err..i mean his holiday villa) tonight, he brought Ms Ho along. Actually, she went for a talk in college and there were some leftover from the refreshments so she brought us some. Ironically, while the talk was on career as Dietician and Nutritionist (or something close to that), the fried chickens she brought for us contained more oil than you can get from Jem's face (oops...wrong analogy haha =P). She even stayed for a while and forced each of us to eat at least one (i ate 3 of them diet's not healthy at all but i don't really care as long as i enjoy my meal hehe). Pat hid in his room (before that he was sub-conciously SMSing...guess you don't really have to wake up to type SMS haha) so he didn't eat the last piece we left for him (it ended up in the dustbin after she left). Frankly, i was quite surprised she brought us food (here in Subang, we all are always hungry hehe). Though it was very oily, i think she meant well...(Pat suspected she was trying to get into our books...though why she wanted to do that in the first place was beyond my apprehension)

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