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Tuesday, 17 August 2004

Chem test results
Jem's Warcraft addiction
Me start studying (at last!)

We got back our Chem test paper today. As expected our class didn't do very well. Not well at all it seems hehe. Ms Chan said only 3 of us passed (it turned out to be me, Paul, Chow and Yong Chen...all of us get 50 or above). As for me, i got 54 (the highest this time). Not to say i'm delighted with it but when you get the highest in class you just got to be happy with it ;)...considering the paper was on organic chemistry, the section with the most things to memorise. Apparently the other class who took the same test got 70 and above (according to Paul) O_o. Maybe it's just that we didn't work hard enough...

Onto a different topic, i think Jem's addicted to Warcraft hehe. Today after college he asked us to go cc with him but when no one wanted to go, he went alone O_o (Physics practical is tomorrow and Trials written tests start next week and here he is, playing Warcraft). Then later at night, he and Paul went cc again O_o. Maybe we should help him curb his addiction...

Btw Jem didn't go to college yesterday coz he felt sick. That morning i was quite surprised to see Jem's still hadn't bathe yet when i woke up at 7.15am (he's the first to wake up and bathe). Then he told me he's not going to college that day. Well, i guess he didn't miss much...we're not really listening in class anyway - too busy cramping AS notes into our brains till no space's left for A2 stuff.

As for the preparations for trials, i started studying seriously (and frantically =P) yesterday. Last week, it seems to me like we still have lots of time to study and suddenly, i noticed i can't really finish studying the whole syllabus and started to study the whole day...actually not the whole day (i can't survive that..)...just 2 hours in the library and 2 hours at night. In the end, i ended up trying very hard to open my eyes during college today and dozed off during Bio, Physics, Thinking Skills, and Chemistry. Think i should start earlier next time...thank god it's only the trials ^^"

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