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Thursday, 12 August 2004

Ms Ching angry with our class...again

Just wanna make a note here that Ms Ching (our Math lecturer) was very very very unhappy with our class today (though it wasn't our fault anyway). We're supposed to start our revisions on AS topics today and she gave Denise a few worksheets to photostate. But somehow, when Pavanjeet went to collect them, the J&J guy couldn't find them. And so Ms Ching thought we didn't want to do the revision after all O_o. She said something bout she knew our attitude all along and just stood there accusing us of this and that. I mean, how reasonable is that! We're accused of not wanting to study just because the papers were misplaced? Sigh...apparently this isn't the first time she got unhappy with us. I think it's mostly because our class isn't very good in math and quite a number of us failed the Semester Exams. But this doesn't give her an excuse to be disappointed with us...Anyway after college, Yih Seong went to J&J with Denise and found the stack of papers - it was covered by a Chemistry paper on top. Sigh...i hope Ms Ching realised she had misjudged us all along...

Btw Chow got his sticker to park in My Place today. He had to go all the way to Taipan to get it so he brought along Paul, Yih Seong, Denise and Afree. Heard they went to a very expensive restaurant - the cheapest food costs more than 10 bucks and Paul paid bout 20 bucks for steak. Ouch..

Meanwhile, me, Jem, and Zi Yang joined Pat for lunch at Mee Yoke (we used to go there everyday for lunch without fail during the beginning of this year...Ian Zing even called us the Mee Yoke brothers hehe). After lunch, Jem, Wy Keen, Zi Yang, Oscar, Oscar's friend and Pat went to cc again (i don't know how many times i had type the word 'again'....). For your info, Pat hadn't been into a cc for the past few months due to financial crisis according to him. He went this time mainly because Jem belanja him (apparently Jem wanted to check out his skills at Warcraft). This time i managed to strengthen my will power and went home right away after lunch hehe =). Here's the first step towards standing by me swear hehe...

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