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Sunday, 1 August 2004

A tribute to my friends
Jem, Pat and Bob went for a haircut

7 months. It's been that long since i first stepped into our beloved cave dwelling 121D. Funny how time flies...i still can vividly remember those times with my friends during Form 5. Seems like time passes very fast if you aren't aware if it hehe. Strangely, somehow right now i don't really feel as homesick as i were before. Maybe my home has become 121D (O_o what a scary thought...). Maybe it's that my friends here made life away from home more comfortable hehe. Anyway, i'm really glad to get to know all the guys and gals in PM1 - a bunch of wierd people i must say =P but then again...which of my friends aren't hehe. You all made life in college very interesting...And of course my apartmentmates (though most of you aren't home most of the time anyway)...really fun guys to be with...sometimes that is =P. I can't believe i had stayed with these guys for so long...and stay sane (i think...). But truthfully, living with friends beats living alone all the time (ironically, i don't even see them for half of the day although we are living under one roof...). Here's a toast to my apartmentmates (including my half-apartmentmate Paul too ;) ), may we succeed in trying to keep our sanity while making others lose theirs ;)
(Actually i wanted to compose a poem (as in go Google, search for a poem, copy and paste it...what were u thinking?) or something but then i just got lazy...maybe next time lah)

More 121D News coming up...
Jem, Pat and Yih Seong went to Jem's uncle who owns a barber shop (i forgot what you called it...) this morning. Actually the plan was to go yesterday but Jem's uncle wasn't free. I slept through the morning and when i woke up, they all came back already. How's their haircut? Hmm..Jem cut short his hair (trying to spike i see...), Pat's hair was cut even shorter (he was very traumatised by this haha) and Yih Seong's hair looks the same (hey, everyone says so! haha =P).

Then at nite all of us gather (sadly, this is the only time all of us sat together) to do the endless Bio homework that Ms Ho kept piling up on us. Took us past midnight to finish them (I slept at 1.50am...the usual time i sleep everyday here). Sigh...when will we see an end to this torment...

PS - I don't know if i mention this before...but just to clarify this entry's topic, Yih Seong and Bob will be used interchangeably. Bob is Yih Seong and Yih Seong is Bob. Get it? ;)

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