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Sunday, 29 August 2004

Trials - Thinking Skills and Pure Math
Mini-Feast in 121D

Trials - Thinking Skills and Pure Math
First paper in the morning was Pure Math paper 1 which was damn hard compared to all our past tests. Got stuck at like half of the questions before I managed to figure them out 5 minutes before time. Managed to finish it though so shouldn’t be a problem...or at least I pray it wouldn’t. After that was paper 6 with all the statistics crap which was rather easy me think =)

Then after our lunch break was Thinking Skills paper 2...where we have to crack our brain evaluating evidence and conclude whether someone is guilty or intentionally colliding with someone else or something like that in question 1. Question 2 was picking out conclusions, assumptions and reasons in a passage. Last question is the worst, where we have to evaluate an argument which I don’t even understand what it’s arguing in the first place =(. Think Mrs. Fam gonna screw us this time...(*shudder*..bad choice of words haha =P)

Mini Feast in 121D
Neway Jem’s parents came up today and brought him out for dinner. Then I lost my other dinner partner Ashok who went to friend’s house with Shan (for Merdeka countdown apparently hehe). Left me to eat dinner alone *sob sob* haha =P. But Jem made up for it by bringing home a barrel of KFC and lots of rambutan (which he whacked every single one of them by the next day haha) for all of us at home =). We even had to call Paul for help to finish those chicken...yea it’s THAT much ;). Thanx jem for the mini feast! =)

-1.17am, 6 September 2004-

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