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Saturday, 26 July 2008

T-plus 12 days, 10 hours

Finally, finally got our internet up last Friday evening. The only thing we've been looking forward to the whole week we're here in this wooden 'cabin' which happens to be where we're staying in.

Finally, i get the guilt of not updating my blog again.

Finished our first week of bridging, which was pretty good for me. Refreshed my memory of all the stuff that were lost in my brain during the 6 months break. Though, there's still many areas for me to work on, but ah hell, that'll be done. When i get to it. Eventually. I hope.

Throughout the first week, we've had a tour of the labyrinth called Ninewells Hospital, slept in lectures of Cardiovascular and Orthopaedics, practised a little clinical skills, and had our health and English assessed. Rather light week, found ourselves rather free that we made quite a few trips to the city. Well you see, somehow the hospital's located kinda far from the city. Therefore staying near the hospital, we didn't really have much place to loiter around.

The weather has been pretty good lately, compared to when we first touched down. The first few days were so bloody cold, i had to turn on the heater. During summer. Haha. But i eventually get used to the cold. It's the wind that chill you actually, without which it's really a very nice weather.

As for food, it's really scarce around here since the shops close at 6pm. Nowhere to go for dinner at all, except the takeaway kebab shops. I've bought plenty of stuff to try to cook for the next week tho. So if you haven't hear from me a week after this, you know what happened to me. Time for my Tummy-of-Steel to go into overdrive! .. *crosses fingers*

Ah yeah, Jackie and a couple of Aberdeen seniors came down to Dundee last week. Helping Adeline Gong (hereforth known as Dr Gong) move in, so they say. Just another excuse to travel around, i say. Haha. But seriously, i haven't even start my fourth year and Jackie's already toured London, Glasgow, Dundee AND St. Andrews. Tak tunggu pun! Haha

Guess that's all for now. Got a few backdated posts yet to be finished, but mostly boring stuff. Will finish them up when i'm not so lazy. Heh.

PS - bon voyage to syiok-sendiri punya lengzhai, Mus! Have fun in Calgary (:

Thursday, 10 July 2008

T-minus 73 hours


I guess, it's time to come out of it. My 6 months holidays have indeed come to an end. The break i needed so much has finally come and gone. I wished i'd look forward to the next couple of years with much more .. enthusiasm. But somewhere inside of me, there is still some kind of reluctance.

To be so far away from home, it does feel a little surreal. I would need to get used to the time difference first of all. 8 hours. Mom said my biological clock wouldn't need any adjustment, since now right here i'm already nocturnal. Once i get there i would become a 'normal' person. Haha.

At least right now, the financial burden is finally lifted off my parents' shoulders. Dad has been talking to me bout our current situation, and has been assuring me he's still able to cover the university fees if i couldn't get any study grant. Just, barely, i know. Thank all the gods now he doesn't have to worry anymore. They tell my Dad we have been very very lucky. I think so too (:

That done with, it'll be the last hurdle for me to study in Dundee. I know, Dad wants me to just concentrate on studies and not worry myself with the finances. Well, the past few months, i tried at least to cover my own expenses with my office job and part time job. Haha, but just, barely.

Even before i leave for studies overseas, i already have been getting 'ang pows'. From Grandma, my aunts, even Uncle Tan next door. Hehe. Didn't expect to get that much.

A little more than 72 hours, and i'll be on that plane. Do miss all my friends of course, especially those in Bukit Jalil and Seremban. I know we didn't spend much time together while i was still here, but i'm still grateful we did. Dundee seems pretty cold. Lonely, perhaps.

Everything already packed up, it's hard to believe that i'm ready to leave now. I'm still trying to digest that. It takes months, but i have finally reached the next stage.


And now comes the hard part : start studying again!

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo............ haha

ps - i feel, infinitely grateful .. Lady Luck must have been smiling on my life (: