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Monday, 28 June 2004

First day of a new semester! (Yawn...) i am back in Subang again...after two weeks of hibernation in my cozy bed at home =). The holidays seems kind of short to me...two weeks holidays ain't enough to recover from my fellow apartment mates' daily cock('crap' in actual English, or rubbish or nonsense or things that we said which does not make sense but we juz say it anyway) haha =P. Actually it's juz me not getting enough sleep before the exams...anyway the holidays is over and i'm now counting down to the next holidays which is in September...after the AS Trials unfortunately =(. Have to study again...sigh.

Took the bus here from JB with Yih Seong yesterday. Yong Chen and Jem flew here while Leong came up with his parents on the same day. Ashok arrived in Subang on Wednesday before going to Pangkor with his sister and friends...apparently =P. As for Pat, he came to Subang on Friday...dunno why he wanted to come here so early...i rather stay home and get some more sleep =)

As for the first day of the new semester...nothing interesting happened. Our Physics lecturer, Mr Selva dropped us and we got Mr Chan in exchange...hope he's a good lecturer. Besides that, all the lecturers remain the same. Unfortunately, we are a floating class now, which means we keep changing classes each period...which is quite troublesome >=(. Dunno who came up with the idea that subjects should be taught according to we literally have to walk hundreds of metres everyday to get to our classes. Maybe they're juz getting us used to life in university i think. But i still prefer staying in the same class and let the lecturers float around instead =P

Other than that and we got a new timetable, nothing much interesting to note today...have to try very hard to sleep early now =(. And no more MSN or ICQ...double =(

PS - oh yeah, btw the Malaysian Studies still have to go on for another 4 weeks...sigh sigh sigh. But at least i can take a nap during that boring period =P

Note - i can't access the flooble chatbox with the library's coms so i won't get to reply to any spam any one of you posted...

Wednesday, 23 June 2004

Japanese lunch in City Square

Yong Chen asked me to go City Square today...been quite a while since I’ve been there. Actually I juz went there with my father and younger bro two weeks ago to buy computer games but we practically juz went into one shop and then went home. So I was quite surprised how much have changed to the place where I always lepak before I went to tuition ;). They seemed to have the new cyberzones...though why they called it 'cyber' is beyond me. There’s nothing ‘cyber’ about those zones...but maybe it's juz me *shrugs*

Anyway, me, Yong Chen, Irwin, Eric, Jem, and Leong met in City Square in the afternoon. Quite surprised to see Irwin going out with us because i thought he's not back here yet(he went to LimKokWing but according to sources he's going to S'pore soon) Furthermore, he didn’t go to Leong’s birthday party (apparently...someone didn’t tell us that he’s back here =P). He still looked the same...but then again it’s juz 6 months since I last saw him.

For lunch, we went to a Japanese restaurant in the cyberzone(I forgot the name but it has a big picture of pikachu). Frankly, I’ve never eaten Japanese food before in my life. Yong Chen and Eric ordered the ‘Gekikara Ramen’ which is a BIG bowl of noodles...looks like Japanese laksa to me. I ordered ‘Yaki Soba’...the only noodles not swimming in soup on the menu. It was very nice...the only thing is that it looked quite weird when it juz came because the very thin strips of...wat’s that fish Yong Chen said...bonnito? Anyway those strips keep on curling and uncurling on the though I was eating some raw food...very raw food. Yong Chen said it was the heat from the noodles causing that. Nevertheless I juz walloped the noodles and it taste very very delicious =). Would have ordered another bowl if I’m not that full at that time...ah well maybe next time.

After our Japanese lunch, we went to KingSurf because Irwin long time didn’t go play Counter-strike liao so we teman him lor before he go to study in Singapore. Hehe...see how good friends we are =P

Monday, 21 June 2004

`Chronicles of Riddick`

The day before I gathered some budaks to go play basketball but only 4 besides me(Eric, Ashok, Jem and Yong Chen) can make it...mainly because today is a schooling day. I contacted Rifdi and Johan but they weren't in life juz started for them. Rifdi is in Kolej Matrikulasi Johor in Tangkak while Johan's in UM's 2nd intake and was in the bus to KL when i SMSed him yesterday. So enthusiastic me(the last time we played is like 2 months ago) reached the court at 8.30am(30 minutes later than agreed but what the hell...have I ever been early). Saw a guy there already but it was Chow...who went back at around 9.00am after Eric came. Then Yong Chen came at 9 something and we couldn’t play with juz 3 ppl. And so we wait. And wait. In the end Jem showed up at 9.45am and then he went to pick Ashok up(he got lost but what’s so surprising =P). Next time I should juz said meet at 6am...

And so after basketball we went to watch Chronicles of Riddick at Leisure Mall. Jem couldn’t make it coz he got a dental appointment to pull two of his wisdom teeth out -ouch!. Bought the tickets before lunch at McD and went to cybercafe again to pass time...

Been waiting for this movie to come out since a few days before it starts showing =P. Actually I juz wanted to watch this movie because I got nothing better to do...and yeah, this movie is for those who have nothing better to do. It’s got Vin Diesel inside so I figure it’ll be an ok movie (coz he’s always doing those cool stunts...not this time though). Wasn’t as nice as I expected but still I’ll give a B. The storyline wasn’t creative at all (a place besides the universe called Under Verse :roll eyes: but at least it’s using evil to fight evil...sort of) but the action sort of make up for it...slightly. No engaging conversation...mostly Vin Diesel jumping and slashing and grabbing someone and killing someone with a tea cup and jumping and slashing. Strictly for Vin Diesel fans(I might be one though).

Thursday, 17 June 2004

SNO in the name of Leong’s Birthday Party (Well...sort of)

Been very long since I update again(this is written on 22nd June)...sigh. I can barely keep up with this blog now...maybe because I’ve been sleeping too much?(FYI, I woke up at 2.00pm everyday...without fail =P. It’s the bed I tell’s juz too comfortable to get out of hehe). Anyway, a few days ago Eric told me about this gathering he’s planning to have. Frankly I didn’t even know it was for Leong’s birthday till this afternoon when Jem SMSed me to bring my towel.

Well...that afternoon I met Eric outside Leisure Mall and called Yong Chen to join us for some cybercafe action(not that I’m really in the mood but we still got like 3 hours before the movie). Later Leong, Ashok, Chun Kiang and Jem joined us. Played Battlefield Vietnam which is quite fun...having to drive and fly around. Halfway playing, Jem left to go somewhere to do something(which we found out later that he went to buy movie ticket for Pat! Well well, seems like everything’s back to normal =) ).

We watched Harry Potter 3: The Prisoner of Azkaban...though I’m not a HP fan(seen all the movies but never read the books anyway) but it’s juz ok, I’ll give it a C+. Chua nearly fell asleep haha but it’s because he wached it’s not THAT boring rite...Have to make a note here that Yih Seong did not join us for the movie because *loudly so everyone can hear* HE WATCHED IT IN SUBANG ALREADY. Hmm...this should be obvious enough haha =P

Later at bout 9pm we(including Yih Seong of course) had some steamboat buffet dinner where we can grill food too. The food is ok(well...those that wasn’t burnt to crisp anyway) though I ate ten times more chicken than I eat in a day (yea I’m exaggerating but I’m not complaining...thanx Yong Chen for stuffing those chicken into me =P). This is the first time I ate steamboat out of my home though so took me a while to get used to those droplets of butter(is it butter?) attacking every inch of my skin that’s not covered...

After dinner, we stayed at Jem’s house for SNO(Small Night Out...a smaller version of BNO) for the night. At the stroke of midnight, Leong got his 3-4(a thrashing some of you might call...) as of the ritual where the birthday boy got his birthday bashing =). I’m an exception though...currently the only 3-4 virgin left (as in never got 3-4 before...wat are you thinking? =P). Then we did the usual PS2, play computer, watched football, eat pizza, then sleep when the sun comes out =).

Here I’d like to add a summary of my friendship with Leong. I first met him in Std 3 I think...when our classes(my 3 Merah and his 3 Biru) joined for Moral class. I don’t really know the details after that(izzit me or is my memory failing...) ...but I remembered he was there when me, Irwin, and Eric stayed over at Yong Chen’s house after celebrating his birthday in 1998. Well...he’s now one of my apartmentmates(is there such a word?) so on his birthday, I’ll like to wish him all the best all the way! It’s great sleeping beside you! (haha juz kidding...;). Don’t freak out yea, I know you got a phobia of even slight intimacy with guys...especially Yih Seong =P)

Friday, 11 June 2004

On my way home...

Took bus home alone today coz everyone got his own plan. Jem and Pat went to watch St. John competition, Yih Seong going back with his parents, Yong Chen gonna stay in Subang till Wednesday, Leong going back on Saturday and Ashok on Sunday. Oh well...not that it matters anyway. While waiting for the train at the KTM station in Subang I met a chinese couple(chinese as in from China). Asked me a few questions about where are we and can they get to KL Central by train. I had a bit of difficulty understanding halfway through the conversation while on the train coz my Mandarin isn’t superb I admit. Gotta brush up on my mandarin... They got down the train at KL Central...hope they didn't get lost there...

While waiting to get in the bus someone tapped me on the shoulder. Turned out to be the guy sitting next to me while waiting to get on the train at Subang’s KTM station. Asked me is this the bus going back to JB and said he saw me at the KTM station. Chatted briefly and I got to know he’s from Taylor’s Business School and was on holiday too. Later on the bus I sat far from him so didn’t get to know him better. I stayed in the bus when the bus stopped in Machap. Saw him alone outside the bus eating something but I didn’t go talk to him. Hate it when I’m so unfriendly and shy...

Today’s meetings with these people struck me...Very often we’ll meet someone only once and then not see or hear about each other after that. Whether a friendship can go on from that one meeting depends on whether you are willing to have that friendship or not. If only we have friends all everywhere, then life will be much more fun ain’t it? I made resolutions every year to be more friendly with everyone I meet especially strangers and make more friends...Sadly, I only got the will to have friendships but not the courage *sigh*. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid the other person might not be interested in being friends...maybe it’s because I find it hard to have someone like to have you as a friend...I dunno. Maybe I should juz didn’t try hard enough to get to know others. Yeah...I should try harder to make friends next time...

Summary of Semester Exams - the only time we actually studied ;)

First day of semester exams, 7th June 2004 :-
Chemistry paper today. Studied till 1am this morning. Thank God I manage to finish all the chapters. Paper 1 was very hard...nearly not enough time to finish. Paper 2 was much easier. Did a few careless mistakes but I still can get A I think(and hope). Everyone don’t seem happy especially Anne. Hope it’s not that bad for her. Can see that she’s very stressed because of this exams(more like because the RESULTS of the exams will be sent via mail to our parents hehe)

Second day of semester exams, 8th June 2004 :-
Mad studying last night. Study from evening till 2am this morning. Juz managed to finish the last chapter before I sleep. Bio paper 2 - Damn hard, damn bloody hard. Everyone came out of the Multi Purpose Hall(MPH) shaking their heads. Ms Ho said she set this paper for us to pass but I doubt we can even pass. I knew something was wrong when the paper 1 turned out to be easier than Chemistry paper 1. Overheard someone outside the library saying tomorrow there’s gonna be a mass suicide of Taylor’s A-Levels students. Lol.’s THAT hard.

Third day of semester exams, 9th June 2004 :-
Ahh...Math. My fav subject. That’s because it’s the easiest subject for me to score ;P. Math paper was a breeze compared to the last two days. Manage to finish in time with some time to check.
Btw Jem, Leong, and Ashok joined some of our friends to CC after lunch. Didn’t feel like going to CC this past few weeks so didn’t join them. Pat and Yih Seong went to Sunway Pyramid to buy some ‘stuff’(read:birthday present!) and ate chicken buffet there. Didn't ask us along...*grumble grumble*

Fourth day of semester exams, 10th June 2004 :-
Today sit for Thinking Skills papers. The objective paper got us cracking our brains to solve all the arithmetic problems and point out the flaw, conclusion, etc. Paper 2 got our hands flying all over the test pad to write out an evaluation of a scenario(about someone on the plane accused of acting violently...omg didn't they have something better to do? =P). Did finish both papers tho so did not feel pessimistic like some of my friends. Btw bought bus ticket home for tomorrow. Can’t wait to be home...

Last day of semester exams, 11th June 2004 :-
Nothing much today. Physics paper was hard but that was expected. Didn’t study real hard for it anyway. As Pat put it, Thinking Skills sapped all our drive to study already. The night before everybody was relaxing till 9pm. Anyway, an A for Physics isn’t as far-fetched as I initially thought(i'm praying real hard over here). Juz happy exams is over =)

Thursday, 3 June 2004

Anne's birthday and we played truant! =P

Today is my ‘from good friend to best friend to fiancĂ© to wife to I dunno wat’s next’ Anne’s birthday! Here’s wishing her all the best in her life, especially her studies ;P. Btw Pat told me that this morning she said all the Johorians wished her happy birthday except that bastard Chye Hing O_o. Haha actually I forgot to sms her that morning coz I woke up quite late(like…juz before lunchtime =P). Sent her birthday wishes at nite tho while I was studying in class(Taylor’s classes are open till 11.00pm for us to study).

Coincidentally, today is the day 11 ppl from our class decided to skip college and no, it has nothing to do with Anne's birthday(though i won't be surprised if it does haha =P). Me, Yong Chen, Yih Seong, Ashok, and Jem stayed at home (apparently to study..O_o Never thought I would stay home to study rather than go to school). Pat went for half the classes then disappeared from class. Btw Ian Zing(our class monitor), Denise and Wen Ying also skipped college…so we kinda got encouraged =P. Actually, we made that decision because we didn’t want to do the Bio homework(which is more than 20 pages long, mind you) as we rather study for the semester exams next week. Yeah, we are THAT hardworking =P.

Tuesday, 1 June 2004

The end of LAN as we know it =)

Yih Seong asked us to discuss with Leong's class' LAN group bout our Malaysian History(a part of LAN...humanity subjects we are forced to take =(. The other is Moral Studies OMG...I dunno which is worse) but we all too lazy to go...only Pat and Yih Seong went. In the end that discussion tak jadi anyway coz we are doing different approach to out topic. Btw our topic is about 'Is Democracy good?' or something like that.

All of us went to the library to finish up that project in the evening. I managed to finish my part which is on Democracy in South America yesterday so I was juz there to help them. Anyway we finished our whole project today...which marked the end of LAN for us! No more History or Moral anymore!! =)

At nite, have to do the Bio work about Biology Foundation(about 2 pages full of subjective questions..sigh) till very late. Then study a bit for next week's exams. Straight away 'peng' after that.