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Monday, 21 June 2004

`Chronicles of Riddick`

The day before I gathered some budaks to go play basketball but only 4 besides me(Eric, Ashok, Jem and Yong Chen) can make it...mainly because today is a schooling day. I contacted Rifdi and Johan but they weren't in life juz started for them. Rifdi is in Kolej Matrikulasi Johor in Tangkak while Johan's in UM's 2nd intake and was in the bus to KL when i SMSed him yesterday. So enthusiastic me(the last time we played is like 2 months ago) reached the court at 8.30am(30 minutes later than agreed but what the hell...have I ever been early). Saw a guy there already but it was Chow...who went back at around 9.00am after Eric came. Then Yong Chen came at 9 something and we couldn’t play with juz 3 ppl. And so we wait. And wait. In the end Jem showed up at 9.45am and then he went to pick Ashok up(he got lost but what’s so surprising =P). Next time I should juz said meet at 6am...

And so after basketball we went to watch Chronicles of Riddick at Leisure Mall. Jem couldn’t make it coz he got a dental appointment to pull two of his wisdom teeth out -ouch!. Bought the tickets before lunch at McD and went to cybercafe again to pass time...

Been waiting for this movie to come out since a few days before it starts showing =P. Actually I juz wanted to watch this movie because I got nothing better to do...and yeah, this movie is for those who have nothing better to do. It’s got Vin Diesel inside so I figure it’ll be an ok movie (coz he’s always doing those cool stunts...not this time though). Wasn’t as nice as I expected but still I’ll give a B. The storyline wasn’t creative at all (a place besides the universe called Under Verse :roll eyes: but at least it’s using evil to fight evil...sort of) but the action sort of make up for it...slightly. No engaging conversation...mostly Vin Diesel jumping and slashing and grabbing someone and killing someone with a tea cup and jumping and slashing. Strictly for Vin Diesel fans(I might be one though).

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