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Thursday, 3 June 2004

Anne's birthday and we played truant! =P

Today is my ‘from good friend to best friend to fiancé to wife to I dunno wat’s next’ Anne’s birthday! Here’s wishing her all the best in her life, especially her studies ;P. Btw Pat told me that this morning she said all the Johorians wished her happy birthday except that bastard Chye Hing O_o. Haha actually I forgot to sms her that morning coz I woke up quite late(like…juz before lunchtime =P). Sent her birthday wishes at nite tho while I was studying in class(Taylor’s classes are open till 11.00pm for us to study).

Coincidentally, today is the day 11 ppl from our class decided to skip college and no, it has nothing to do with Anne's birthday(though i won't be surprised if it does haha =P). Me, Yong Chen, Yih Seong, Ashok, and Jem stayed at home (apparently to study..O_o Never thought I would stay home to study rather than go to school). Pat went for half the classes then disappeared from class. Btw Ian Zing(our class monitor), Denise and Wen Ying also skipped college…so we kinda got encouraged =P. Actually, we made that decision because we didn’t want to do the Bio homework(which is more than 20 pages long, mind you) as we rather study for the semester exams next week. Yeah, we are THAT hardworking =P.

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