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Monday, 23 August 2004

My parents' Visit Day III
The Up and Coming Massive Warcraft Battle

My parent's Visit Day III (the last day...)
Don't feel well neck hurts (i think i strained my neck...must be the damn hard pillow and i can't turn my head at all), my whole body feels weak (since Saturday's Bob Cup..), i got a slight fever this morning, and i'm drifting in and out of consciousness...

Anyway, despite all this, i had promised myself to start studying for the Chemistry this Thursday. You see, i wanted to start on Saturday but my parents decided to come up so in the end i couldn't get any revision done. The whole weekend was taken by my family...but i'm not saying i regret any second of it ;). And so i went according to my plan to study 2 hours in the library and 2 hours back home and managed to finish Chapter 4 by 11.30pm =D. Just as planned...hope i can finish the whole thing before Thursday...

Btw my parents brought me out for lunch again today. Came to pick me up for a late lunch at 4.30pm before going to my bro's place and back to JB. Actually, i'm kind of relieved they went home =P hehe. I got my independence back again =)

The up and coming Massive Warcraft Battle
Some time last week, Yih Seong suggested we hold a Massive Warcraft Battle right after our trials. The 14 players enlisted include me, Yih Seong, Pat, Jem, Yong Chen, Leong, Ashok, Paul, Chow, Afree, Wy Keen, Wen Hoi, Oscar and Zi Yang. We still haven't decided upon the kind of match we are going to battle (currently the suggestion is 3on3 but we still lack 1 player coz Sanmugam back out) so i will inform you all about the details once it has been confirmed. Hehe...the trials haven't even start yet and here we are, planning about the Massive Warcraft Battle =P. Nevertheless, i'm looking forward to it...just like everyone else involved ;)

PS - A Great Battle of Middle Earth is rumoured to be taking place too...Stay tune for more info =)

PS PS - Jem suggested a '121D Vs the rest of the world' match too. This is gonna be a really unfair match coz most of those in our class who 'knows' how to play live in 121D =P

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