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Monday, 31 January 2005

Happy birthday Jeng Khay =)

Happy birthday to (the friend who used to be) one of my bestest friend, Jeng Khay =)
Today was Jeng Khay's birthday. For those who don't know him, he's an old friend of mine, studying in the same primary and secondary school as most of us in 121D (only Pat and YS were from different primary school). He's a year younger than us, coz he's a PTS student like Ian Zing and Denise (which meant he skipped Standard 4). We got along really well since he came into my class in Standard 5...and we've been in the same classes (except Form 2) since then till Form 5.

The last year in my secondary school would be much boring without him. We made each other laugh nearly every single day hehe. Sometimes he would call me just to spread rumours bout other people haha =P...or for fun coz he's bored. Sigh...juz miss those days long ago. Now we didn't even contact each other for months on end...not because i don't want to, but we got our own lives to live. There's still the occasional 'hi, wazzup' and movie outing when we managed to get together back in JB, but other than that, we're out of each other's lives already.

Sometimes i realise there's truth in those 'junk' e-mails i receive, like this one:

...we may be best friends one year,
pretty good friends the next,
don't talk that much the year after,
don't talk at all the year after that...

Much as i like all my old friends to stay as my friends forever, but this is life - we make new friends and lose old friends. Yeah, it's inevitable. And right now i'm trying to contact 3 of my old friends, but they changed their hp no already. Hope i could find some way to contact them. Really hate to agree to this, but there's no such thing as "Friends forever"...

PS - I even forgot to wish Jeng Khay happy birthday until a few days later...and to think i got birthday reminders for most of my friends on my hp =/. Hope he doesn't mind my late wishes...

-7.00pm, 18 February 2005-

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