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Wednesday, 5 January 2005

Yih Seong's planned outing fell into pieces haha ^^" (well, half of it anyway)

Was supposed to have another futsal match today. Yih Seong even went to the trouble of calling each and every single futsal-loving guy left in JB. But somehow, on this morning itself, everything fell apart =(. A few of the guys couldn't make it, and in the end we were lacking 4 players to even play 5 on 5. Too bad lah..have to cancel our second and last futsal match in JB. Yih Seong seems damn stressed by all the planning...especially when people start backing out. I knew how he felt...i've been in the same situation far too many times ;). Btw he's damn bored at home too (i'm been hearing him complaining everyday haha), guess that's what triggered today's 'futsal-lunch-DotA-BNO' outing he planned...(though the thing we feared happened again haha =P juz joking, YS)

Since the futsal match's cancelled, we got on with the next event on Yih Seong's plan : DotA and BNO. Reached YC's place at 6pm as agreed on earlier only to see only Jem's there. Sigh...the others juz don't know the meaning of punctual ^^". By 7pm, Boon Shih, Ashok, Leong and Yih Seong all arrived, and we went for a pre-dinner DotA (Jem couldn't join us for dinner...said his mother will merajuk if he didn't have his last dinner with his family). Had an 3vs4 All-stars vs the rest match (due to uneven players), with me, Yong Chen and Ashok on Scourge (as All-Stars... O.o). The only memorable moment was when my Nerubian Assassin and Ashok's Sand King took down all 4 of them at one go haha =P. Had a really good laugh at our 'luck' haha ^^. (They have Maiden and Lich on their team!).

Then 6 of us had a steamboat-grill buffet kind of dinner at the same restaurant we went to last time. Not exactly what we had in mind actually...but we couldn't think of anywhere else to go at that time. Grilled some chicken, some sausages, lots of nuggets (Ashok won't stop putting them onto the grill haha), and some other food we piled on our plates. Quite ok...though the food we took isn't worth the RM16+ we paid per person i think. But it's not everyday we get to eat with each other...(though that's gonna change in a week's time ;) ).

After dinner, had another DotA game. Jem's been calling us lots of times during our dinner to ask whether we are going again or not. Wonder what made him wanna play DotA so much ^^. Played another All-Stars vs the others game, only this time it's -ar, the one earlier was -ap. Me got Zeus, which spelt their doom since the start haha =P. Refresher orb does wonders, eh?

Finished the game at round 11pm, which was rather late. Couldn't call my parents to come fetch me home (my house's 30 minutes away from YC's place) so i decided to juz bunk over. Didn't take me long to fall asleep after all that DotA action hehe...

-5.24pm, 13 January 2005-

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