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Monday, 24 January 2005

AS results revealed!

Finally we got back our AS results today. It's the 'unofficial' in we only get to see what we got, the certificates will come later. Happy with what i got...couldn't ask for more hehe. Got all As for every subject, even Thinking Skills...surprise, surprise! I don't really have much confidence in TKS, mostly coz my English is not very good =/. But i guess my grandma's constant prayers got answered. She's been praying real hard for me and me brothers to do well in our studies...and so far i don't think we disappointed her much hehe =/

As for the others, well i'll juz give a run thru of their results (correct me if i'm wrong ya). Yong Chen and Yih Seong both got 4As, Paul, Chow, and Pat got 3, and Jem got 2. Not really bad results...but not what they wished for nonetheless. Well, it's only the AS rite...there's always time to study for A2 (minus all that DotA la =P). As for Ashok and Leong, i didn't ask them...if they don't wanna tell why force them?

Had the usual DotA game right before midnite. Then comes the usual post-DotA talk (which strangely, lasted longer than the game itself haha). Talk till 3am before going to sleep. That's bout the usual time we sleep ;).

PS - Yong Chen asked me to promise to belanja all of them if i managed to get 5As. Well, there's no problem on my side...though money's running a little bit low right now (me father asked me to survive on 200 bucks for 11 days...but i used half of it to buy new clothes =P). But Pat asked me to juz blanja them movie some other day so no Pizza Hut for dinner today hehe...(Yih Seong's not free btw ;) )

-4.09pm, 14 February 2005-

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