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Thursday, 27 January 2005

Wykeen's debut futsal match
Water supply cut! >=(

Juz some side news =P
Last nite the Johorian team comprising Jem, Leong, Yong Chen and Yih Seong beat the Sarawakian team again ^^. Me didn't go coz i was very tired and went to sleep while they play. Woke up at 12am to listen to them bragging bout it haha. Couldn't blame them's not everyday they get to win against the Sarawakians hehe.

Wykeen's futsal debut match!
From today onwards (hopefully), there'll be a new addition to out futsal team! =). With the Zi Yang's withdrawal from our futsal team (must be that incident that caused it...=/), Wykeen came juz in time hehe.

Went back to apartment at 3pm and i fell asleep right away. Actually i didn't feel like going to play futsal coz i was really really damn tired today. But we don't get to play everyday so i juz decided to go with them coz it'll be quite some time before the next game =/. Played from 4 to 6pm against Paul's junior and Jon's team. Nothing much to note bout it, except i heard that Wykeen did exceptionally well for his first game...though there were some 'slip-ups' haha.

Water supply cut! >=(
Reached back home, after everyone had bathed, and juz as i stepped into the bathroom, the water supply stopped. What the hell?! Why can't they wait till after i bathe? *sob*..they all bully me..*sob* haha. So in the end, i had to go dinner without bathing...but it's the others who suffer anyway haha =P. Came back from dinner and still no water. Had to go to Paul's apartment to bathe. Thanks Paul, Tiong, Yun, Jon, Alvin, Tiong's brother and whoever else's living downstairs! ^^ But somehow our bathroom looks much cleaner haha =P. Maybe i shouldn't least they have water supply (thankfully...if not i'll have to wait till the next day to bathe =/). Sigh...why must we suffer so much ^^"

-4.33pm, 14 February 2005-

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