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Thursday, 13 January 2005

Lunch, interrupted

Lunch, interrupted
11am me had lunch with the other classmates at Success, which was surprisingly packed (those damn noobs haha =P). Halfway through lunch, all of a sudden, Ms Ho came up and before we can run or hide, she took a place on the table with me, Shan and Chow. Not even 10 minutes later, after finishing their lunch, all of the others, except us 3 sharing the same table with Ms Ho, walked out group by group (mainly because there was a power cut - which we heard later that it affected the whole west and south Malaysia... O.o). We wanted to go too, but then again, Ms Ho won't be very happy bout it ^^". So in the end me, Shan and Chow juz stayed there and listen to her babbling bout nothing. And boy, does she eat so damn slow! haha =P

I didn't want to go for DotA...really
Around 10pm+ that night, all the other Johorians went down for DotA. I didn't go along coz i didn't feel like going (we went every other day ever since we came back to Subang sigh) ...and then Paul had to show up at our door. Said he was hungry, but then there's only me in the house. So somehow, Paul asked me to join the other 6 in Silver Surfer (actually he juz wanted to order a burger to eat there ^^"). Dunno why i agreed to it actually...should be trying to cut down on my spendings... (oh yea, this is the round that i tried out Drow Ranger and pawned everyone lol =P ...oh except Paul's sniper la k...)

-5.11pm, 24 January 2005-

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