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Wednesday, 19 January 2005

Zi Yang, an outcast of PM1?

Zi Yang, an outcast of PM1?
After college, me had lunch with me classmates at Asia Cafe (which juz opened on 16 January). Pat did suggested DotA in the morning, but nobody goes further than that. So when Zi Yang asked us whether we'll be going to play DotA after lunch, Hoi juz say we're not. Zi Yang and Hoi have tuition later on so it doesn't really matter anyway...

But then Zi Yang still sat there with us although Hoi had left for tuition. Chow tried to 'halau' him away by saying he better go for tuition, etc etc but he juz refused to go. Then all of a sudden he juz disappeared without saying anything. I figured he gave up waiting for us to say we're going for DotA *shrugs*.

A few minutes after Zi Yang left, we started gathering budaks for DotA. Not that we deliberately wait for Zi Yang to leave, but he got tuition so wouldn't be able to go anyway (and we didn't even call Hoi along). Might as well not let him know right. After reluctantly agreeing (partly due to Chow wanting to play against me), me joined YS, Jem, Ashok, Pat, Chow, Leong and called Oscar and two of Leong's friends to make it 10 players. Decided on the teams while on the way there, and before long we're into our 5vs5 DotA.

Juz when we were into our second game (the first game failed coz one of the com crashed), Zi Yang called me to ask where are we. I didn't want to tell him we're in cc, but then he said he went to our apartment and only saw Yong Chen there. And he did seem rather persistent in asking where we were, so i juz told him we're in Warnet.

A while after that, all of a sudden Zi Yang juz burst into the smoking room (the only seats left in Warnet), kicked Yih Seong's chair and started shouting at him "Where's my file, f**ker?", those sort of stuff. A few tense moments of cursing between Yih Seong and him, then he asked Chow for his car keys (the file's in his car). Chow seemed afraid of the juz-gone-mad Zi Yang, so he went to his car with him, pulling Pat along with him. So in the end, we didn't even finish a single game we started.

Yih Seong's story...
After getting out of Warnet, Yih Seong told us his side of the story. Apparently, when Zi Yang left Asia Cafe after lunch, he left his file there. So Yih Seong took the file and told Zi Yang to come to our apartment after his tuition to get it. But then he left it in Chow's car as we're going to play DotA.

So when Zi Yang got back from tuition and went to our apartment to find only Yong Chen there (who juz ignored him totally haha), he came to Warnet after calling me (Ashok didn't answer his call earlier). Came into the room, demanded the file from Yih Seong, asked why he didn't answer his calls (but then there were no miss calls on YS's hp), and swearing all the while...

For taking Zi Yang's file when he left it in Asia Cafe and keeping it while he's at tuition, Yih Seong did not even a word of thanks from him. Now that i think of it, i think Zi Yang's mad coz we went to play DotA without him, and Yih Seong got the brunt of his anger. He juz needed someone to blame and scold, unfortunately, Yih Seong was his victim that day. But still, why should we go play DotA juz because he asked us to? What can we do if every time he asked us to go, we juz don't feel like it? I guess he juz went crazy that day when he found out we went DotA without him (we went to play without him a few times before this, but those are at night, and he wouldn't be able to go anyway).

After this incident, unofficially, he has made himself an outcast of PM1. I wouldn't like to do this to him, but sad to say, he brought this upon himself. Till he apologises, i'll be on Yih Seong's side ;).

-4.22pm, 31 January 2005-

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