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Wednesday, 12 January 2005

'New' fridge for 121D
First futsal training of the year..

Our replacement fridge came at last!
Our 'new' fridge came yesterday =) after nearly 2 months of complaints (well, if the holidays included that is...). Not exactly a brand new fridge...but at least it's working we're happy enough. And fortunately they didn't ask us to pay for the one Pat broke hehe...

First futsal training of the year..
Went for futsal training match again...which is against ourselves of course. Called Hoi's elder bro along to make it 10 players. Nothing much to say bout this round of 'training', except everyone scored a goal except me haha ^^" (oh well, what's new...). Actually i would have got one in, right after i intercepted a pass from Jem the goalkeeper, but scoring goals juz ain't my thing. Can hear Shan shouting to me to chip the ball over Jem who's lying down in front of me, but somehow, i juz kicked it straight at Jem sigh...Guess that's why i rather play defender than striker eh? ^^

Around 20 mins before time, my legs cramped again. Damn...dunno why, lately i've been getting cramps so often. The others say i didn't warm up before the match...well maybe. Or maybe i juz got damn slack after a month of eat-sleep-eat-sleep holidays =P. Tried to keep the game going by playing as goalkeeper but then my leg juz can't stand it and had to be sidelined for the last 10 minutes.

Actually, i half-thought of start jogging around My Place during the weekends coz my stamina is the worst of all PM1 futsal players. Juz 20 minutes on the pitch and i'm out ^^". But i guess the plan would never materialise coz i never wake up early during weekends...ah well...

Got home damn tired...and there's still homework to do. Sigh...that's college life for me =)

-4.53pm, 24 January 2005-

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