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Saturday, 22 January 2005

Me on the Sarawakian side =P

Me, betrayer for one night...
After 3 days without DotA, the first thing the guys do when they got back is too obvious sigh ^^". Right after our dinner, Paul came up to recruit people to go but only Yih Seong, Jem, Yong Chen, and Leong agreed. Me refused to go coz I juz don't feel like going while Pat and Ashok haven't reach 121D yet. Then Ashok came home, and he joined the Johorian team to play against Paul's Sarawakian team. Actually, they had wanted to play against us for a long time edi but we kept on delaying our inevitable doom hehe.

A few minutes after the DotA gang left me and Pat in 121D, Paul came back up to ask me to take over David's place coz he couldn't make it. He tried to persuade me for a while, then he said those 'magic words' haha =P (he'll pay for me cc lah). Still, I didn't want to go actually coz I juz don't feel like it. Tried to get Pat to go instead but he insisted on doing his homework at home. the end I gave in and juz went along...

There's no free lunch in this world. How true haha =P. For paying for me, Paul wanted me on his side, the Sarawakian team. I don't mind really, but the same cannot be said for the other Johorians hehe. The moment they found out I 'betrayed' them, I got a 3-4 right outside My Place ^^" (to the shock of My Place’s guard haha). Kinda expected it when I agreed to go so no surprise there haha...But I have to say they sound really like going to die after that. Hey guys have more confidence in yourself lah...don't be like Yong Chen haha =P

Another lesson I learnt : Underestimation is the first step to losing. Apparently, the Sarawakian team (including me) didn't expect the other team to play so damn good. John was so confident of winning that he chose a hero he seldom use while I chose Anti-mage to counter Jem's Lich (I expected Lich to be the strongest hero), but that wasn't a good strategy. From the start, I kept on dying to Ashok's much that half of the time I was dead. Then towards the end, Leong's Medusa got all the expensive items and start killing us like flies. And yeah we lost in the end...let's juz say the Johorian team beat us in terms of teamwork and coordination ;). So much for the pessimism before the game, eh? Hehe...

PS – Sorry Paul, there wasn't much I can do to prevent our loss. Didn't really concentrate on playing (well, I didn't want to go...). And thanx for letting me waste your RM3.50 haha =P

-5.13am, 5 February 2005-

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