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Saturday, 15 January 2005

Eating out as Jem's birthday dinner

Happy 19th Birthday to Jem, the oldest guy in our apartment (only in age =P)
Jem...we went through the same schools from Standard 1 till now, though not always in the same class. I never really hang out with him a lot back in primary school, mainly coz we hang out with different bunch of friends. But now that i really got to know him, he's a really friendly guy...though he can get really childish sometimes =P (ok...maybe it's juz me being too serious sometimes...). But that's only on the outside haha =P. Ok, i won't say anything bad bout you Jem. All i can say is, you're a great friend ;).

It's been around a year since i stayed in the same apartment as him...and he's one of those few from the 7 of us who stayed true to the Light (haha...for those who don't understand, it meant he never abandoned us for lunch or dinner ;) ). Learned a few things bout Jem during this time, but there's some things i rather not know haha =P. Anyway, cheers to my old friend Jem...and all the best in ur A2 later this year! ;) Happy 19th birthday!

Jem's birthday dinner (sort of...we tried our best)
Dunno how all this started...but we went out for dinner tonight as part of Jem's birthday celebration. At first Chow asked me yesterday whether we are gonna celebrate Jem's birthday, so i told him we are juz gonna eat out (i was more of thinking bout the usual Pizza Hut dinner). Then he said he wanna join us, and asked us to call Shan and Hoi along. Well, i juz agreed to it though we haven't really planned anything ^^.

At round 6pm, Chow, Zi Yang and Hoi reached My Place, but we still haven't have any plans for dinner yet. Obviously we couldn't think of anywhere to go...with all our lunches and dinners being less than 1km radius around My Place (minus the occasional Kim Gary and such). So we tried to get Chow and Hoi to decide, but then they juz refused to think haha. In the end, we had to wait for Afree (who else we can look to for where to eat ;) ) to come up at bout 9pm. Less than a minute later, and we're off to Kota Kemuning for dinner. Well, with Afree around there's no lack of place to eat i guess hehe...

Got to the suggested restaurant in Hoi's, Chow's and Afree's cars. Turned out to be a newly opened restaurant in a new neighbourhood. It's rather late when we reached there (around 9.30pm already) but the food takes even longer to arrive...mine and Yih Seong's at least. Ordered some 'Pot Pie' which the waiter said will take 20 minutes to cook but it arrives more than 30 mins later. It's some lamb stew in 'roti' covered bowl, not bad i guess. Chow ordered some pasta, which he finished before my order even arrives haha. He does look hungry after that ^^...
-There's some pics over at Chow's blog...

Desperate for DotA...
After dinner, we got back in My Place at round 11.30pm and then Afree had to go back to pick up his bro. The rest of us decided to have a round of DotA before Chow and Hoi go home but the problem is, there's 11 of us. Some sinister minds amidst us (i won't say who =P) suggested we leave Zi Yang out of our game some way or the other haha. But it wouldn't matter anyway coz every cc nearby is fully packed, so we went for some supper first. Zi Yang went into Silver Surfer to play alone while we were having supper O.o

So desperate we were that we went one round past all the ccs a few times and after failing to find one to fit all of us, we waited outside Silver Surfer for more than an hour in the hope that some of them lucky playing inside will get the hell out of there and let us play for god's sake haha. But too bad, as a few fellars go out, a few will take their places. And so we wait till 1am+, by when we gave up. Hoi and Chow had to go back home coz it's too late already, and we got back to My Place to sleep.

Zi Yang couldn't go back coz he has no transport back (or so he said) so he stayed over at our place tonight. Actually we didn't really want him to stay, firstly because there's no empty bed for him and secondly, we juz didn't want him to stay =P (we're juz evil, aint it). But we can't juz dump him outside and let him sleep by the roads, right? (we are not THAT evil, k...) He ended up sleeping on the sofas, and by the next morning, he's gone before any of us woke up. He even left our front door grill unlocked, even though Yih Seong reminded him last night. Well, i guess he could sense he's not very welcome to stay...but you can't blame us right? =P

-5.23pm, 26 January 2005-

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