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Tuesday, 29 March 2005

A day before the 'real' trials...

Happy 19th Birthday to me longest friend ever, Ashok! =)
12 years ago, if you tell me that Ashok will be my friend for that long, i would hardly believe it. Not that he's lacking anything in the friend department, just that it's hard for me to believe that friendships can last that long. I had many good friends in these 18 years of my life, best friends even, but once we go our own way for a couple of years, we'll have to start all over again. I guess the reason that Ashok's still my friend is that i just can't seem to get away from him...we always end up in the same place haha. Anyway, 15 months of hell in 121D with him tells me a lot bout him (not all's nice tho haha =P), and i'll say he's one heck of a friend. And most importantly, if you want a place to hold a BBQ or party in JB, you know where to go ;). Here's wishing a very happy birthday to Ashok who holds the record for being my friend for the longest time hehe =). All the best for your AS and A2 this year!

Birthday celebrations...we know it's late but better late than never, right?
Normally we would celebrate birthdays at the struck of midnight, but this time we celebrated it juz before midnight ^^". In fact, for a while i thought we're not gonna celebrate Ashok’s birthday, but then the trials are so near we couldn't even find time to sleep sigh. So as not to disappoint Ashok (Pat keeps telling us he's disappointed we didn't 3-4 him...i dunno how true is that haha), me and Jem went to buy a cake for him after dinner at the Baker's Cottage nearby. Not much choice there (no cheese allowed ^^"), so we chose the same cake we had for Paul last year, some Tiramisu shit. Then came the dilemma over what to write on the cake. After bout 10 minutes of blank looks at the cashier, we settled with a simple 'Happy Birthday Ass Hoc' haha. Ok...i suggested the 'ass' part, coz 'Happy Birthday Ashok' looks so plain =P. The term actually came from Shan, who used it as his nick during the first DotA game ever in Warnet X. Hey, we were getting desperate for a birthday message k...

Tremors were felt in My Place a while after midnight yesterday, but only i felt it O.o. Maybe coz i was the only one on my feet...while Leong's trying to create tremors of his own by shaking his chair so violently, Ashok's vibrating too much while brushing his teeth to feel anything and Yih Seong's doing math (don't ask me what's the relevance haha). While most of the My Place residents went downstairs to chit chat, us brave folks went to Melur for supper haha =P. Gossiped bout Jem over supper, and decided to interrogate him when we came back. Found out who THAT girl is...and turned out that Jem told us bout her quite some time ago. we don't listen to Jem talking sometimes =P. Anyway, on the count of, two, AAIKKK~ haha

PS - There's NOTHING going on between Jem and her. I repeat. There's NOTHING going on between them. We trust Jem juz this once, k? Haha =P -2.37am, 12 April 2005-

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