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Thursday, 10 March 2005

Last DotA in a month..(and i really mean it this time ;) )

Juz finished our supposedly 'last' DotA games for at least a month from now (fingers crossed =P). But this time i think our abstinence (hmm...learnt this word from Paul's lecture haha) would last. I truly hope so =/. Since that we'll be sitting for the trials in bout 3 weeks or so, we better stop going for DotA. Think i should start studying this weekend...but then the lecturers haven't even finish the syllabus yet =/

Anyway back to the DotA game, actually i didn't even feel like going at all. If not for Wykeen, i would have gladly spend my evening sleeping at home hehe =P. For weeks now, Wykeen had been trying to get us to play DotA with him but each time he even mention the word 'DotA', Pat and Chow will sound him with their "Wykeen~~~". tell you all the truth, this "Wykeen asking for DotA" thing came up in our "small talk" the other day, and we decided to spend at least one day to play with him. Such good friends we are, eh? Haha...actually we were afraid he'll turn into another 'Zi Yang' in our class =/. Or couldn't take it anymore and crush Pat to death one day haha..(i would love to see that happen =P)

Besides Wykeen, today will also be the last game we play with Wilson, should we fail to have another game before he leaves for Australia at the beginning of next month (April 10 right?). Wish you all the best, Wilson...remember to call us out when you come back here k? A few of us will go to IMU, so shouldn't be a problem looking us up. Who knows, maybe we'll have another DotA game haha =P

'Ms Ho' now everyone should know how much PM1 hate her. It's all over my friends' blogs, with names from 'half of a creature' to 'bloody bitch' O.o . She's been giving us tonnes of homework to do and don't even get me started on the daily quizes. Most of us would juz seek 'divine intervention' during the quizes juz to pass them =P...failing which we have to resit them over and over again *roll eyes*. Lately Anne, Pat and Yih Seong seem to be her target now. She'll stand over them during quiz to make sure they don't cheat. And so, they failed the quiz, she get them to resit again the next day, they failed again, resit again and the vicious cycle juz go on. I was caught in it too early this week, together with Denise (surprise, surprise haha) but we managed to save our lives by barely passing the resit quiz.

Actually, i failed the next quiz after that but somehow she forgotten bout me having to resit the next day. If not, i'll be together with Anne, Pat and Yih Seong, resitting for the endless resit quizes. They were supposed to see her after class to resit yesterday...but she said she's not free at the last minute. That got Pat really pissed off =/. Thing is, each time she changes her questions, making them more and more impossible to answer (some of them are not even from her notes =/). No wonder the three of them got really pissed on her =P (haha..don't be angry ya Chow). I nearly got caught tn the cycle again during Bio lab today, but thankfully the 3 of them defended me, saying i had already sat for the quiz =) (not true, obviously =P). Thanx all of you...wouldn't have survive if she got me haha.

But seriously, this thing is getting too out of hand now. Almost the whole class hates her (and i do mean hate)...but i admit i'm not one of them (i think so, at least). I know, she piles homework on us, gives us so much pressure that we can juz die from it with her daily quizes, but i know she had good intentions. On the other hand, i wouldn't say i like her...with her childishness and pettiness and stuff. Juz that i know she's a good lecturer, and we can't hate her juz because she's driving us to the limits to make us get good results. But then, i seriously hope she realises that PM1 doesn't like her way, especially her quizes...before it gets really too late =/ (but i fear it's already too late...). Argh...thinking of the quizes, i rather not give a damn about her anymore...making me study for stuff that won't even come up in her quizes or the real exams (in fact i woke up at 6am juz to study for that...). Maybe i should juz hate her along with my whole class instead...but as the saying goes.. takes as much to love someone, as it takes to hate someone...
Maybe i'm juz not a person who can hate anyone i choose to hate...

-8.34pm, 10 March 2005-

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Wilson Low said...

haha.. chye hing.. actually i'm leaving on the 11th of April.. Exactly 1 month from now.. :P

"Ms H*"
Just ignore her.. Don't give her a smiling face.. haha.. =)