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Friday, 18 March 2005

13 days to A2 Trials theory...

Happy Birthday Dad! =)
My daddy turns 48 today! It's the second time i'm not home with the whole family celebrating his birthday...and sadly, there'll be many more times to come =(. Would be in IMU (fingers crossed) for the next, like, 6 years or so...sigh. Anyway, just gave him a simple birthday wishes over the phone, and he even asked me what did i get for him haha. As if my money's not running low enough =P. I dunno bout other families, but ours never gives birthday presents to each other ever since i can remember. The only thing i get for my birthday is a stamp album while during kindergarten or primary school...i can't remember (i still have it now =) ). And funny thing is, 2 years ago, my dad bought me a guitar on HIS birthday haha. Of course, it's written in fine print at the bottom of the birthday card i gave him =P. Really grateful for everything he's done for me and my brothers, and here's wishing him a very very happy birthday! As for his present, i'll juz give him my best results in A2 (it costs 0 bucks anyway haha =P).

Movie outing scratched
We were supposed to go watch a movie today, either Hitch or Robots. Somehow or the other, we cancelled the plan. The reason? Ashok and Shan wanna watch Hitch, but Yong Chen didn't want to. Me and Leong didn't feel like watching both =P. So a frustrated Jem juz gave up and cancelled the plans. Hehe..sorry Jem, it's always you who bother to take the time to plan (coz nobody else will ;) ). We'll make up for it some other day lah k...juz not today. I juz wasn't in the movie mood...

The abstinence from DotA broken...finally
No..not me of course. I have a stronger resolve than these weak-minded people haha =P (juz This night, after more than 8 days of no DotA, the guys finally gave up. All my apartmentmates (Paul included ;) ) went for 2 rounds of DotA, while i stayed home to watch TV till they came back. How did i stayed away from DotA for so long? Don't ask me how...i juz lost the 'spirit' =/. But i hafta still lingers around somewhere in me, juz that i don't feel the 'urgent' need to play anymore. Sounds like an addiction? I'm afraid it is haha...

PS - Chow stayed back yesterday to have dinner with us ^^. Actually, it's because his parents weren't at home, and his bro's out pa-tohing so he's left without food at home. What other choice did he have besides eating with his Johorian friends who's always there for him =P. Oh yeah sorry you nearly died of hunger waiting for us (our dinner's usually later than 8.30pm hehe).

PS PS - Jem forgotten he got IELTS speaking exam at 3pm today. Only realised it after DotA and when everybody's going to sleep ^^". Hope everything's ok...Jem looks so stressed out that night. Maybe we shouldn't spend too much time talking cock in Success anymore hehe..

-6.52pm, 21 March 2005-

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Anonymous said...

Next time.. if don feel like going.. tell earlier k? Then i won need to plan :)