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Friday, 4 March 2005


Juz came back from Pyramid...and guess what, for once in my life i thought that Malaysian movies aren't that bad at all =P. Went to catch 'Sepet' at 4.30pm together with Anne, Pat, Yih Seong, Denise, Chow and Ashok. Anne really really wanted to watch this show so we decided to accompany her as we had nothing better to do after college anyway. Actually, i've been wanting to catch this movie as well, maybe i'm juz curious how a 'highly acclaimed' local movie will turn out to be. Happy to say that i'm not disappointed ;)

Basically the gist is very simple : (to quote the movie) a chinese guy, a malay girl, an unforgettable love story. Besides the dialogue interchanging between various local languages (there were 4 of them), the dialogue was bad, the acting's worse, the cinematography is so sux =P but overall it's a really enjoyable movie haha. Strange as this may sound i actually enjoyed the movie a lot. Have to say this is one of the few movies that made me feel happy after i watched it (though the ending was a bit tragic..). Heck, Chow was laughing for more than half of the movie beside me ^^" (there were really many funny scenes...though maybe it's funny to us only =P). He could almost be forgiven for thinking it's a romantic comedy hehe. I'll recommend all Malaysians to watch it...nobody should miss this nice local movie ;)

Onto other stuff, Jeremy and Yong Chen left for JB today for the weekend. Not sure why they went back, but it won't matter much anyway =P. With the trial exams coming in by the end of the month, i think i gonna bury myself in the notes soon. Don't wanna screw up after all i've done ;).

PS - me sickness had degenerated into a persistent cough and the occasional headache. Wasn't too sure whether to be happy or not...since my dirty clothes pile gonna rise higher than my bed soon haha ^^". Maybe i should take another day of rest... =P

-7.48, 4 March 2005-

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