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Wednesday, 14 July 2004

`Bak kut teh` with Ms Ho and Huah Shin`s yummy leftover birthday cake =)

Today must be a very relaxing day for Ashok coz both Chans(Mr for Physics and Ms for Chemistry) didn't come into our class. This leaves Ashok with only one hour of college from 8am to 9am before freedom...damn relax fellar haha. (He dropped Bio this semester coz he couldn't manage so many subjects...and he couldn't stand Ms Ho ;) ). Anyway as there's a 3-hour break till Bio lab, me, Wy Keen(first time stepping into cc wor!), Tze Chow, and Afree played Warcraft 3 while Jem, Zi Yang, Wilson, Ashok and Shan played Counter-strike at Silver Surfer. Didn't want to go actually but Afree, Wilson and Tze Chow keep pulling me so i have no choice lor =P. Should reduce my cybercafe visits...been wasting so much money on that =(

Today is also the day Ms Ho asked us out for dinner(!). Invited the whole My Place gang to eat 'bak kut teh' across the street. So reluctant me, Jem, Ashok, Yong Chen and Yih Seong went along with her plan. Pat didn't go coz he 'was not feeling well'...seems like he hates Ms Ho a lot despite sharing the same ancestors high high up the family tree =P. But then again who doesn't hate's juz too hard not to...u'll agree with this if you juz stand next to her for 10 minutes ;). Neway she brought along Li Shan, Denise and Alan and some of her PM3 mentees too. Ended up we sitting at one side of the table and she at the other side(which is not a bad thing at all =P) and not paying us any attention the whole dinner (we were very far away...she couldn't reach us, said she. Not that we're complaining anyway haha). Btw Ashok spilled chinese tea on Yong Chen's pants...and Yong Chen even went cc after dat without changing O_o. Must be very uncomfortable ya...

Huah Shin's birthday today! =) She may be the most friendly girl i've met to date...she even said hi everytime she saw me(me dun even know she existed b4 this year haha =P). Have to mention here though, she's taken up by my partner in bed - Leong ;). A pretty compatible and loving couple i must say...

After dinner, the guys went to cc again but i went home straight away. Going to cc too much have numbed my senses already...especially my hearing and sight...and it juz lost its appeal to me ever since we went to cc everyday early this year. But i still go sometimes...coz it's damn boring staying at home...especially during weekends with no plans and lots of homework =(.

Anyway after a while, Huah Shin and Leong came back wif Khang Wern(Yong Chen's dear dear...*shivers* haha). Brought back a piece of her birthday cake to our apartment(wat's left of it anyway). Sorry ar guys...she forced the cake on me =P...there's only 1 piece left and i wanted to share with you all! Believe me! haha =P. Yum yum! (This is one of the benefits of staying home =) )

Btw today is Nafis's birthday too...(remember the 9th chinese of our 5 Dinamik? hehe...). Didn't contact him at all since end of our Form 5...he didn't have hp or e-mail address so i couldn't wish him birthday. Heard he got called up for NS...hehe wonder how he looks like now...

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