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Friday, 9 July 2004

Ms Ho the whole day...

Today is the most eventful day since i came to Taylor's...and most of it have something to do with Ms Ho(our Bio lecturer). First, Ms Ho said someone hurt her feelings yesterday(you know who you are...shouldn't be so rude to lecturers you know...even with lecturers like Ms HO ;) ). After school we are 'forced' to have lunch with her =P. Actually she complained that we never asked her out for lunch before and her mentees always do that(ironically we saw her mentees having lunch themselves during our lunch date haha). Apparently Friday is PM1 day for Ms Ho coz we are her last class...and she wanted to spend time with us. So Chow had to invite her to our spontaneous lunch date together with Yih Seong, Denise, Anne, Paul, Wilson, Afree, Afree's sister, and his friend.

And off we go to Sri Melur for our lunch. didn't turn out bad ;). We juz chatted bout college, bout Afree's sister, bout 'are you Teo Chew or Cantonese or whatever' and bout 'what is ghee made of? coconut milk rite...'. Halfway during our lunch, Jeremy, Leong, Pat, and Zi Yang stopped by for a while on their way to cc(guess who asked them out again...).

After lunch, everyone juz sped off leaving me, Anne and Chow to keep Ms Ho company...and Chow asked me to join the cc gang to play Warcraft. (Actually i didn't feel like going to cc coz i'm tired but this is Chow's first time so i juz agreed lor). Ms Ho overheard us and thus we got Ms Ho tagging along to see wat all the fuss about going cc is all about. We wanted to ask Anne along too(Chow was supposed to send her back home) but she said she wanted to study O_o and so she went to the library. Me and Chow played Warcraft together and joined by Jem not long after that. Ms Ho sat beside Jem to learn to play CS...and keep commenting 'you die again ar..' everytime Jem died hehe. Pity Jem =P. The others juz kept playing CS until we left...

At nite, me, Jem and Pat decided to go play Bob Cup(the most prestigious badminton cup among the us...All this started during Thomas Cup and Yih Seong(who else...haha =P) was inspired to organize the Bob Cup in the hope that we may one day may be as good as Lin Dan). Paul juz ate and went back to digest for a while first. So as we lack one player, Pat thought of asking Ms Ho to join us(and boy, is that an obvious mistake or wat haha =P). Not long afterwards Yih Seong and Denise who juz came back from dinner and Ms Ho's mentees, Alan and Li Shan who got bored and decided to take a walk joined us. And believe it or not, Ms Ho's voice can be heard during the whole game...but that wasn't much of a surprise to us hehe. After much coaching by us, Ms Ho now can at least hit the shuttlecock edi ;). But no matter wat we and her mentees do, we juz can't reduce the noise level she generate each time the shuttlecock came flying in her direction =P

Lastly, today is the day Ashok and Yih Seong had an intimate moment in the morning lol =P. (i won't divulge further in fear of getting nightmares at nite haha)

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