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Saturday, 1 May 2004

To the friend i've never met...(u knoe who u r ;) )

Funny how fate plays a part in our lives...

Some time end of last year, a girl messaged me thru ICQ (which is nice :P but the problem is, i don't know who she is but she claimed she knew me). It took us bout a couple of messages before we realized she mistook me for someone else hehe. But anyway i've made a great friend thru this 'mistake' she made. Although we only chatted once in a while (coz i was in college now and no ICQ nor MSN :( ) i can see that she's a very friendly person and values friendship a lot..

Now that i think about it, i may have never knew her if not for that 'mistake'. I found this on the net which very much say what i wanna say. So here i dedicate this poem to her just for being such a great person as my friend :)

I have never laughed with you
I have never cried with you
but yet I hold your friendship
ever so true

you're there to listen
you're there to talk
you gave me a guiding hand
when I needed to walk

you mean so much to me
yet I've never seen your face
your presence I have not yet
been graced

through think and thin
our friendship will never give in
thank you for the time spent with me
I know now
friends we will always be.

Friends 4eva! :) Cheers..!

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