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Monday, 17 May 2004

Ultimate Kantul Day

Yih Seong's been trying very hard to keep this secret from us...but sooner or later we gonna find out anyway ;). Actually Jem had hinted to us long before Yih Seong realised we found out his secret and i think it was quite unexpected lah. The story goes like this:
On 29th April I came home to find Jem and Leong at the balcony looking out for someone. That was the time i found out Yih Seong was going out with ******. Jem told me that after the second futsal match, he and Yih Seong went to the library but Yih Seong went out without telling Jem. So when Yih Seong got home Jem asked where'd he go and Yih Seong said he went out for dinner with Thanesh(?! haha). After much pestering, Yih Seong admitted he went out with ****** for dinner! hehe ;).

Anyway today when i got out of the library i saw Leong calling me to look somewhere and when i look, guess wat. Yih Seong is walking along the Kiosk corridor with ******! After i told Jem bout it, Ashok, Jem and me went to Sri Melur(which incidentally just opened yesterday) to be on a lookout for the 'betrayer of the light'(what we called the 121D ppl who didn't have lunch/dinner with us ;). Ironically, Yih Seong coined this phrase hehe). Then Paul SMS Jem and told him he saw Yih Seong in Seaview and so Paul joined us at Sri Melur. And today was the day we ALL kantul Yih Seong as he walked past us to get home =). He didn't say a word...guess he was too shocked hehe. Asked them to join us but he just walked straight though SHE wanted to join us. Sigh...haha =P

*Name was censored to protect the identity of the people involved in this scandal*

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