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Sunday, 2 May 2004

Opposites attract?

Today i've read about an article in the newspaper which is quite interesting. It states that we do not share much common ground with the 'one' we seek but rather we complement each other. For what we lack, we look for a person who make up for those weaknesses, albeit subconsciously. Actually i find that this is quite least with my parents. They are the opposite of each other so the saying that opposites attract doesn't really stray far from the truth i reckon.

Just today my father's temper flared up because of some business with my cousin-in-law and his father-in-law, who is my uncle. I've never seen him so angry before...his mind is so filled with anger that he even forgot how to turn on his car radio! O_o Neway this is where my father mirrors my mother. Their temperament is the exact opposite. Dad doesn't keep his anger inside but it just explode without warning. There won't be any restraints once his blood boils...and trust me you don't want to be at the recieving end. Mum, on the other hand, controls her anger and rarely shows it. She'll just sulk at worst and glare at you but you won't hear her shout like Dad does when he's angry. Maybe that's why i've grown more attached to my Mum...

Btw everyone seems very busy lately...can't get them to go out to play basketball or watch movie. Maybe they're just homesick...or want to enjoy the comfort of their home more. Either way i'll also be lying on my bed the whole's just so much more comfortable than the rock-hard mattress in My Place...

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