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Friday, 8 October 2004

CC, IU and more CC

4 hours cc!!! ARGHHHH... thinks as long as Silver Surfer, Warnet, Inferno, Games World, Point Extreme, or any other damned cc out here in Subang isn't burned down before the end of our A-Levels, there's really no escaping it. Yea...we went cc again today. Even though i sweared and sweared and sweared i never ever gonna go cc again. So now i have learned...i'm never gonna try to fight back's juz too tiring and my willpower had run drier than the Sahara...^^"

Neway, the reason i went THIS time is that Chow wanted to try out the 'castle' map ^^" (sigh sigh sigh...). Wanted to ask everyone to go along too but nobody was free except me, Chow and Paul (Pat and Yih Seong got other obligations, Yong Chen and Jem got some UCAS thingy, Ashok and Sanmugam was out for a movie date, so and so...). So even though we really lack people to play a proper game, us three cc-crazy people still went for it ^^".

First, me, Paul and Chow played Enfo's from 2pm till 3pm. Paul left at 3pm (he had a Leo meeting) and then Ashok came back from his movie so me, Chow and Ashok played 'castle'...but before long, Yong Chen SMSed me to ask if we were still there. Should have said no then...coz after they came at 4pm, we ended playing till 6pm! That's 4 hours of cc straight for me and Chow...both of us were really dazed by the time we escaped from the cc ^^". Argh...swear i'll go crazy if i go for another 'castle' game...Btw Chow was supposed to fetch Anne back after college...but apparently, Anne waited so long that she decided to walk back herself haha O_o

Taylor's College's Omega Leo Club International Understanding Day - Oriental Night
The good thing bout having a friend who's Vice President for Omega Leo Club - we get free tickets!! haha =P. Thanx ya Paul for the 'Special Invitation' tickets...^^

By the time we got out of cc, we saw Anne in a blue cheongsam eating at the mamak stall next to the cc!! Haha...she looks so ah-soh wearing it =P. Think it should be her mom's coz it looks really...oriental (yea that's the word haha). Actually, she's going for the IU in Taylor's too...which was supposed to start at 6pm (erm...u get to pay 4 bucks less for the ticket for wearing 'oriental'). So me and Ashok (both of us got free tickets from Paul ^^) rushed back home, lepaked a while, bathed, changed clothes, and were back in Taylor's at 7.30pm...juz in time for dinner haha =P. Apparently, the PA system failed and they couldn't get the thing back up in time so they decided to let the guests out for dinner. Juz what we went there for (haha juz kidding Paul ^^). Well, the dinner was rather nice...too bad there was a really long queue, if not i'll sure go for second round hehe.

Anyway, after dinner, the IU finally started...2 hours later than planned. But it was rather interesting...and i think they did quite a good job at it. There's some perfomance of chinese instruments (forgot what it's called...but the MC said it's a 'chinese piano' ^^") and a fashion show on 'oriental' clothes (cheongsams and kimonos). Then there was lucky draws where Anne won something (i don't know wat...) and they gave a VCD player away too! Too bad 'Special Invitation' guests didn't get to enter the lucky draws...(oh well, at least it was free ^^). Ashok left somewhere during the lucky draws after Shan came. Said he was the only Indian there and didn't feel comfortable haha...

Then the B.O.D came up with the closing act. And's bout an mock game show of 'You Can't Win'. According to the rules, there's no way you can ever win the game why did they want to enter the game for (hehe...nothing about it makes sense anyway =P). Btw Paul was one of the 'contestants', acting as Mr Wong from China O_o. I really didn't expect what was to come next...Paul (his character was supposed to be a Kung Fu master ^^") ran up there, did some Kung Fu stances which look more like a monkey...really (haha...ok, i won't laugh at you...). In the first round, the contestants were to answer the question : "What does L.E.O. stands for?". Paul answered "Let's enjoy ourselves" and did some kung fu moves again (...haha ^^). Then in the second round, the contestants were asked to dance i think. Well, what else could be expected...Paul did a kung fu dance again (hehe...too bad nobody sees the apple joke ya. Think you were moving too fast ^^). To tell the truth...that was really really embarassing to perform...but i guess Paul's too thick-skinned to feel it haha =P (and you still say you are a shy boy..haha). The IU finished at 9.30pm...a lot shorter than planned as they have to scrap the opening act and games to save time. And Malaysian Idol Finals at 9.30pm today! Two of my favs since the start entered the finals ^^ but really a pity Dina didn't do better than that...

Melur dinner after IU
As me and Ashok didn't really get to eat much during the IU dinner, we went for dinner at Restoran Sri Melur Jaya (one of the many many mamaks in SS15) at midnight after waiting for Paul to finish his second cc session for the day. Managed to pull the rest of the guys (except Pat...he hasn't come home yet) along with me and Ashok ^^ (i have ways Paul...=P). THEN after our midnight dinner, they wanted to go cc AGAIN (Yih Seong and Leong missed our cc session earlier today). Sigh...never thought i would agree...(should have just followed Paul's plan to ran back home and sleep after they went in haha =P - really thought you were just kidding...). Played from 1am to when i was really really drained...

-7.44pm, 15 October 2004-
Pls...pls stop pulling me to cc...i beg you guys...have mercy on this poor soul pls...=P

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